Cute RUE film of the kate spade bedding! LOVE!

Make Your Bed for Rue from You + ME* & Trent Bailey Photo on Vimeo.


Hilary Dow-Ward said...

Oh dear lord that is just the cutes thing ever! Which bedding will YOU be getting? :) I think it is safe to say I'll sign up for a set of the white with yellow flowers! So cute.

Royaltygirl said...

I am going for a mix of the yellow and black. I love the his and hers pillows. I might have to get all the little throw pillows to sprinkle around the house! I could buy an extra yellow rose duvet and make a skirt out of it! OMGoodness, I could make a bathrobe too! There is so much fabric in a Duvet. I hope it is not a comforter, then I am out of luck. The sheets didn't look too cute. At least not for clothes, they are great for sheets!lol!