I jumped the pink ship!

Okay, I love pink but I just can't take another day of it.  It is March 1st and kate spade launched more pink today!  I don't know what kind of marketing technique they are using but it is bugging me!  You can't have a color of the month in the middle of the month.  I think there would be much more excitement about it if they would stick to the calendar.  People are asking what the color is on twitter and facebook and wanting to switch from pink but where is kate spade new york?  They are living in another world, (a pink one.)  Aren't they the ones who started this color of the month thing anyway? Well, I am moving on, jumping off the pink ship and onto the yellow one!  I just love yellow.  I have yellow all over my house and in my closet.

I am waiting for this jacket!!!!

I have my white jeans ready and waiting for this jacket to be available for sale so I can complete my dream yellow outfit!  While I am waiting, I will run out and get a yellow t shirt to wear just for fun...the girls department at Target never lets me down!  They always have those bright colors I love!  I am wearing an outfit with a yellow cardi today but haven't taken a picture yet.  I will post it later today or tomorrow.  It is national pancake day today and Ihop is having free pancakes so we are going there for a late lunch.  My son, Harrison loves free things and he loves pancakes so today is his favorite day!


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goldenmeans said...

:) I agree that today and Feb 1st I have eagerly checked into the KS website to see new color of the month goods and have left rather disappointed! It would be nice if they aligned their product updates with the calendar months. I'm very ready for yellow right now too! It's been one of my favorite colors to wear for the last couple of months and I can't wait to see what lovely pieces ksny is offering in it ;)