Love the color yellow and the new kate spade website!




These are my wishlist choices from the new website products (notice it is small, but only because I am trying to restrain myself)!  I really love the yellow jacket the most and may have to get that one first!  I wish there were a kate spade store in San Antonio where we are going tomorrow!  I would love to try some of these on. The new bags are great but I am not a purse-girl so, I don't have to have any of them except maybe the orange slice bag.  I know my friend Ann from katespadeloveaffair will love all the new bags!

 I almost forgot to shop on the website because I went to the "PLAY" section first.  I was having fun looking at all the new things and then I remembered that there were new products too!  lol!   Run don't walk over to the new site to check it out!  Come back here and report what you think.  Did you like it, did everything work for you?  I found that the tumblr link didn't work for me and I couldn't save pictures of the products like before.  Did you like the navigation?  I found that it was pretty simple but the scrolling on the "play" section was a little difficult for me with my netbook.  I couldn't see the whole page.  Also, my bookmark didn't work so I have to make a new one for the katespade.com site.

Have fun checking out the new stuff!
Don't forget to come back here and tell us what you think!!!


Rae said...

LOVE the Valerie Jacket, but I'm holding out for the 20% off clothes party on March 16. One more week!

Kate said...

Rae -- can you elaborate on the 20% off on March 16th? How do you know about it? Will if be regular or sale items?

Rae said...

I went in to purchase the Valerie on Saturday, and my sales girl offered to hold it until the sale on the 16th, 20% off, full-price clothing only. I had good timing, so she was able to pull my invite out of the mail pile, and just hand it to me. You might want to call your local store and see if they will be doing a similar promotion.

la petite coquine said...

Oh, that Daffodil coat is just too sweet! I love all this sunny yellow for spring time!

Anya adores said...

I adore the Valerie jacket, yellow makes me happy. It's an awesome color. Love your blog - it's very stylish.
Will be back again - have a look at mine, maybe you like it ;)
A xx

the gracious gaze said...

I love the new site!!

Kate said...

Thanks, Rae!

the kate spade addict said...

i DO love the bags! and i'm envious of your Wellesly Quinn!!!!