what I wore: kate spade esti skirt, J Crew stripe tee, kate spade galaxy swirl necklace

I had to wear something other than yellow today because I am running out of ideas...
Today I wore my kate spade esti skirt with a stripe boatneck tee from J Crew.  I was missing my Typewriter bag so I used it today.  For other accessories, I wore pearls from J Crew, kate spade red galaxy swirl necklace and a red kate spade ring.  The shoes are just some sandals from Target.

I got home from lunch to see the crazy mess that was going on about the Japan totes on katespade.com.  It is so funny to see how crazy everyone got over them!  I must confess, selling out in 15min is a little quick, seeing that there are so many more people who would have supported relief efforts just to get one of those totes.  There were some mean comments on FB if you like to read that kind of stuff (I sure spent a while reading them).  Enraged fans who wanted an $18 tote!  I wonder about the thinking on that whole thing...I wish I were a fly on the wall at ksny!  Some people even went as far as to say it was a publicity stunt and they only made a few available online.   I just think they don't realize the fans that kate spade has developed.  So many people love the brand but can't afford anything that is for sale.  When an $18 tote is available and for a good cause at that, everyone wanted one!  Some even said people were buying them to sell on ebay! Amazing! Were any of you able to snag on in the first 15 min?  Were any of you waiting patiently for the link and then missed out?  I did.  Oh well.  It was all for a good cause right?



NezumiRyuko said...

I'm happy they sold out, as it is an excellent cause and Japan needs all the help people are able to offer.

However, I'm disappointed how this has been handled, thus far. Hopefully they will make more, as the importance should be placed on the gathering money for the relief effort instead of on the exclusivity of a limited edition item.

Tory Burch is doing a tee for the Japan relief effort and they seem to be taking indefinite orders to be printed when the bulk number comes in. I believe they're scheduled to be shipped in September.

Kate said...

I would have liked a tote too, but had a busy day at work and couldn't be constantly refreshing the facebook page to check if they were available. I mean ... oh well, right? I'll probably call my local store and see if I can get my name on a list, but it's not the end of the world if I don't get one.

What's upsetting is that they promised it for days and days, and it really started to feel like teasing. They shouldn't have even said anything until the link was working and they knew what their stock looked like. All that did was build up a frenzy and result in unhappy people, who are all (and I'm sorry to say this) missing the point: to help the people of Japan.

I really hope they don't end up on ebay. That would be sad.

Alison said...

I feel compelled to write on the this whole issue of the Japan donation.

First of all, corporations such as Liz Claiborne get two kids of tax breaks when they run this type of sale, which is called "Cause Related Marketing". The first break is an advertising tax credit and the second is the actual donation. Based on the information from the websites (twitter, fb, etc), this is a pretty hefty tax break.

Is it nice that a donation will be made to aid the people of Japan? Absolutely. It is, however, important to not lose sight of the enormous benefit that Liz Claiborne gets with doing very little work: designing one very simple product and its distribution.

A donation like this really has a double edged sword.

Alison said...
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Alison said...

PS: I just read some of the comments on fb and I don't mean to be a nosy nancy, but what did the kate spade employee say?

Emily said...

wow. it seems to me some people are reading a bit too much into this. kate spade simply wanted to do something to help. they will probably have more totes made. it is just sad that some want to turn it into an ugly thing.

Royaltygirl said...

Alison, She didn't say much! Here is someone's image of the post. http://ow.ly/i/9wo4

search 'kate spade employee' on twitter to see the tweet about it.

I was just disappointed that ksny didn't make more and let us pre-order for a set time and then have the totes made for all who gave. That is how Tori Burch is doing it. It is pretty simple. They could still send some to the stores like they did but just make it available for people to give online for a few days at least. they could raise so much money!!!

I guess next time they will be better equipped and know what to do. We gave $$ for relief right away to convoy of hope so I was only looking to give a little to get a tote. But, that was $18 that didn't go to relief because they ran out. I hope this turns out okay for kate spade. They were doing a good thing. They just went about it in a frustrating way.

Alison said...

@ Emily: I'm not reading too much into it. It's consumers that need to be reading more into it. The law is the law and consumer who are not educated on the law buy into promotions that they probably do not understand the full business consequences. The bottom line is that Liz Claiborne gets to make a donation, not out of the goodness of their hearts, but from that is simply filtered through the corporation. Kate Spade isn't deciding to donate least say $1 M of their own profits. They are just using the money from consumers and it is the consumers who should be getting the tax break, not Kate Spade.

I'm not trying to discredit the "good deed" that Liz Claiborne was trying to do, but from legal end the people of Japan are being used as a marketing pawn. Consumers need to know this side.

Alison said...

**money that is simply filtered '

I apologize for the typo.

Ann Aludra Boyd said...

i love your outfit!! =)
i just hope the bags dont end up on eBay, and people make a profit from this good cause.

Erinn said...

i finally got a chance to read your blog, and as i knew i would, i fell in love!! i can't wait to see you again, it was so nice meeting you last week at the outlets!!


p.s. i too was not lucky enough to snag a spade loves japan tote :o(