what I wore: kate spade esti skirt with yellow cardi from Target and Galaxy swirl necklace

Today I was feeling the need for an Esti skirt.  I thought I would wear the black and cream but then I noticed how nicely the yellow cardigan paired with the navy.  I loaded on the jewelry with a galaxy swirl necklace, lady marmalade ring and the red crystal confection ring.  What do you think of the yellow nail polish?  It is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Lightening (250). I am still carrying the yellow quinn for lack of a better yellow bag.

Mark and I are going away for our 20th anniv. to San Antonio on Thursday. I am planning yellow outfits for both of us just for fun!  I will probably wear my white jeans at least once.  I think they would look great with the sweater I wore today with a navy tank or my yellow and white stripe tee from Old Navy.  I might try them with my silver Diane jacket with the short sleeves for going out.  We are spending one night in San Marcos at the huge outlet mall!  I am going to spend my whole anniversary allowance at the kate spade outlet there!  I hope they have lots of good clothes because that I what I love the most.  I do need some yellow sandals and some new earrings though.  I am getting very excited about actually going somewhere for once!  YAY!

Live Colorfully,


sara green-anderson said...

Have fun! My anniversary is this month too.

Patina said...

Another gorgeous outfit! I love it and how you always pair the right colors and accessories together perfectly. I have a similar cardigan from Jcrew that I just pulled out to wear. Can I admit that I'm a little chicken to wear it this early in the year, but I'm going to do it. Your jewelry collection is equally gorgeous. Happy Anniversary and happy shopping!

Patina said...

Oh, and I will be on the hunt for some yellow polish!

redwhitebride said...

gorgeous yellow. just to update, i was at kate spade flagship store today and they just finished yellow-ing the store. many yellow dresses too, including the elenore.