Yellow and White Katie skirt!

I finished my yellow skirt today and tried it with a bright green cardigan and ksny daisy necklace.  I paired it with my new daisy shoes that I got from the children's shoe dept. at Target.  They are Trish of Capri and super cute!  This new fabric has a whiter white than the other stripe that I use but that makes it very cheerful and fun. It is the same weight but just a slightly different feel.  I finished the skirt in the afternoon so I decided to wear it tomorrow instead of wasting it on such a short day when I was staying home.  Hopefully I will get a better picture tomorrow.  I am going to try it with a simple black t-shirt and black sandals.  I may wear the same daisy necklace or my daisy pin. I am going shopping so it will be better to wear it tomorrow when I will actually see people.

I am going to make the new yellow color available on my katie skirt page if you are interested in this new yellow and white stripe katie.  I also have enough black and white available for 2 skirts if you have been waiting for one.  I will update the list to reflect the new colors tonight before I go to bed.

Sweet Dreams,

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