Candace Bushnell wearing the kate spade Lilith Skirt on the Today Show

This morning Candace Bushnell was looking really cute in the kate spade new york Lilith skirt on the Today show.  I really want that skirt but looking at it on Candace who is pretty tall, it am sure it will be too long on me.  I would have to take off the bottom stripe and it might not look as good without it.  This is something I am telling myself to discourage me from thinking about it so much...I hope it works.

have a colorful day!


Portland Sunshine said...

good catch. i am at work early today - missing the today show. loved your easter outfit. i thought you may like this post...i'm a geek, i know...


the gracious gaze said...

did you see the new markdowns! so many of my february favorites!!