Channeling Deborah Lloyd today! Kate Spade Fairmont Park Esti Skirt in Black and Cream with a Black T and kate spade Park Avenue Pearls Necklace

Deborah Lloyd via Harper's Bazaar Feb. 09
I found the above picture in my pinterest board and decided to copy Deborah's outfit today.  I didn't have the vintage necklace but I did have the beautiful kate spade Park Avenue Pearl necklace.  I love this necklace but it can be quite heavy so I switched to a lighter crystal 3 layer bib necklace later on.  I love Esti skirts and am sad that they have not come back season after season like the Jillian dress.  I am glad to see some new fuller skirts in the new line and will purchase them soon!  I am out to run errands!  I can run in style knowing I am channeling the lovely Deborah Lloyd today!


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Tin (ni Johann) said...

Such a cute, cute outfit!

I love the necklace!