Head over to a kate spade outlet this weekend! 40% off sale!

There are lots of super cute outlet only bags right now!  I saw a lovely straw quinn and a giraffe tote with matching giraffe pencil case that I must have!  here is a link to the pencil case on ebay  Last Friday I picked up the Be Dazzled Addie jacket in gold and cream for my Easter outfit.  I realized with the busy week I have, a trip to the Galleria kate spade store was not going to happen so I needed to get something for Easter at the outlet. I was excited to find the jacket (it had been on my wishlist for the holidays) and I am making a full skirt in gold organdy to wear with it. 

I am not telling what I paid because you will be sooooo jealous!  It was a real deal!  It is so tempting just to wait on things to come to the outlet when I live so close to it.  I don't like taking the trip into the city to go the the Galleria because of the traffic.  You have to time it just right so you go before lunch and leave before 2:30 to miss rush hour.  I usually wait until I have someone to drive me there because I don't do well in the Houston traffic. I think I am too nice.  I don't know about where you live but, people are quite aggressive here.

What are you wearing for Easter?

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ObsessedWShopping said...

Hi my name is Sydney and I absolutely love your bag! I am a big fan of Kate Spade as well! I hope someday soon you will let us followers know what kind of finds you get at the outlet! I am very far from one, Kentucky :(! So if you find any cute dresses, size 2 or 4, for a great deal, please let me know! Thanks so much!

sydneyroark09@yahoo.com is my email.