kate spade-aholic's Picks for Easter Sunday!

I have narrowed the choices down to these pieces.  I can't decide which one I want to purchase for my "Easter Outfit."  I love them all.  I am trying to come up with a pros and cons list for each one and then pick based on that.  If I get the yellow jacket, what am I going to wear on the bottom?  Are white jeans acceptable for Easter?  The Lilith skirt is so cute but it looks a lot like the stripe skirts that I make and wear almost every day.  The Candy Shoppe dress makes me look busty but it is so cute. The pink stripe is really great but can really only be worn in the spring and summer.  The other option is the navy polkdot Jillian which I could wear year round here in Texas because of the cream background.  I can just throw a cardi on in the winter.  Any suggestions?  What are you wearing?  Easter is at the end of the month so if you want the best picks you have to get your outfit early.  I need to think about it before I am ready to commit.



Lissy said...

Well I bought the yellow jacket not specifically for Easter but just because I love it. It's so versatile, you'll wear it with everything!

Becky said...

I think the Candy Shoppe dress is really the dress to get. I have the navy polka-dot Jillian dress, but I tend to think both Jillian dresses are a little on the nautical side, which makes them spring/summer only. I love love love the yellow jacket, but I think you can snap that one up later as the Kate jackets tend to hang around for a while and go on sale. That Candy Shoppe dress will go a lot faster, and I have a feeling that by the time it goes on sale, the sizes will be limited.

Just my 2 cents!

NezumiRyuko said...

I love all your picks (they are also among my favorites).

I tend to agree with Becky that the jacket will probably go on sale eventually, but it stands out to me as the item you've seemed most excited for. It'd be a great piece for you.

Personally, I'd love to get my hands on the striped skirt, but this photo has me a bit worried. It doesn't look nearly as full or poofy and the green is different (not as yellow-toned) -- the main things that were attracting me to it... I guess I'll have to judge it in person.

On another note, I read this weekend will be Friends & Family 25% off...? FFSPR11

Emily said...

there is an adorable new dress in stores called the tinica dress; it is a gorgeous navy blue with cap sleeves, a ballet neckline and a nice full, swingy skirt. pair it with the new green kati cardigan- gorgeous!

Sara Elizabeth said...

I bought the pink one, and I LOVEEEEEE it. :)