kate spade bedding has arrived at Bed Bath and Beyond! Yay!

I was so excited to see this display!!!!! Now to make the decision what to buy!  I think def. the hello sunshine pillow and the yellow and white stripe one and....  Now that I see it in person, I really like the garden floral one up close.  The heirloom rose is not that great when you are right next to it but from far away, it is my favorite. I really wanted the his and hers pillows but I may just have some made and buy these other instead.  They didn't have any of the black and white range at all.  Maybe some bigger stores have it all.  I will check my other one to see. It is not online as of this posting but it could be anytime now. Have a super duper day!


Alison said...

yay! I'm so excited! but for some reason I can't see your picture and it's not available at BBB.com


Royaltygirl said...

Alison, I had linked to the twitter pictures that I sent from my phone. I went ahead and downloaded it directly. sorry.

Alison said...

thanks for reposting this! I can't wait to go this weekend to check it out!