kate spade @ Neimans goes WILD!

I have always had a leaning toward animal prints since I was a little girl.  My Grammy and Nana booth would wear long leopard Caftans in the 70's. My Grammy (great-grandmother) who was a famous synchronized swimmer in the 20's (see photo) had a gorgeous leopard swimsuit that I remember coveting as a child.  She actually was offered the role of Jane in the Tarzan movies of the 20's but turned it down to elope with my great-grandfather.  I am the proud owner of her leopard coat from the 60's and enjoy sharing the family bond of animal print.

This kate spade summer collection is full of animal references including the too-cute Elephant basket purse that I am wishing for. It is available on Neimanmarcus.com for pre-order.  I can't decide if I really need it or if I should get a dress instead.  I still haven't gotten the yellow jacket for Easter because I haven't made it over to the store to try it on. I may just have to order it online but I want it to get here by Easter so I have to hurry.

Live Colorfully!


Rae said...

I'm debating the elephant purse also. I've wanted it ever since I saw it in the look book. But now that Neimans has it on pre-order I'm wondering how much I would really use it, and if I should be using that money for a dress instead.

redwhitebride said...

Same here. I love the elephant purse, but wondering if spending the money on a dress instead will work better for me. It's cute, but not that practical... especially since I travel a lot.