Loving kate spade new york Summer Looks!

These looks are so uniquely styled!  I love when a company takes their clothing and turns it into a unique work of art.  ksny does this in such a great way!  It really helps to see how the different pieces can look great many ways.  I don't want to get stuck in a rut, just wearing my clothes one way.  I think of each piece as part of a collage that I am composing every day when I get dresses.  I am so thankful for the color that kate spade brings to my "artwork".  It may be hard to believe but at one time in my life, I wore only black an white.  I wanted to wear color but the options available were tacky not timeless like kate spade new york's style. Things from 2 seasons ago are still fresh and I enjoy wearing them.  It is a good thing because the clothes cost so much!  No more disposable wardrobe for me!

Have a Colorful day!

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NezumiRyuko said...

I love the new green looks!
Did you see the "Shop the Mailer" section? It includes the upcoming orange and gold looks from the next two Months of Color.

My not-so-local store had the mailers when I was there a couple weeks ago, so I grabbed a couple. Just a few pages, but oversized and very colorful. Nice decoration for my closet. :)