My Sweet Puppy chewed up my new kate spade pillow!

This precious poodle puppy ate my new kate spade Hello Sunshine pillow! AHHHHH! Of all the pillows in the house she picked the cutest one to eat.  It proves she has great "taste"!  I am so sad and don't know if I should get another one to replace it or will she eat that too... My bed is back to all white and I really miss the super-cute yellow sunshine.  One day! I only had it for one day! Olivia is in the dog house for this one. I am sure I will forgive her eventually but it will take a while for me to get over this.

Have a great day!


photosandspace said...

what a terrible feeling- but i guess it's true that your cute dog does have GREAT taste! I LOVE that you have blog dedicated to the love of Kate!

Madison's Mommy said...

At least he has great taste!!! I always say that Kate Spade has the yummiest designs ha ha! I am a lover of all things Kate Spade...my baby girl even has a collection started...in the form of 3 Kate Spade diaper bags ;-)


hollie said...

Oh nooo! Your dog is absolutely adorable but what rubbish luck for her to go and eat the new Kate Spade pillow!


lipstick and balloons

Kelly D said...

my poodle puppy took out two beautiful pillows and one blanket - all of which had tassels so I'm sure they looked like a great toy. She'll grow out of it eventually!