Watch Out! Loads of Counterfeit kate spade on Ebay right now!

This darling dress is what alerted me to the rash of Counterfeit kate spade new york on Ebay right now.  It is so cute but, it has a subtle difference from the original Jillian dress.  Notice the scoop neckline!  We all know that the Jillian has a high neckline and scoop back.  Here, this dress has a neckline that is even with the back scoop.  The Jillian has been copied in several different fabrics (mostly polka dot) and sold on Ebay.  I was the sad purchaser of two of those dresses.  While trying to get a "deal" to feed my addiction to kate spade, I did not realize that I was purchasing a fake.  I was able to return it and get my full paid amount back but I am emotionally scarred after opening that package and finding out that my dress was counterfeit.  

At first glance today, I saw Candy shop Janette Stripe dresses, Briella dresses and several skirts that appear to be counterfeit.  They look very much like the real thing but have small differences.  I have two Briella dresses and they do not have darts under the arms.  The ones listed on Ebay do!  The Candy Shop Janette has stripes that do not meet up on the sides and if they do, some of them meet with a different color on the back than the front!  A couple of pleated skirts with the same pattern as the Mercury Haley skirt have shown up using a fabric not even in the ksny range.  They label it kate spade but it is not kate spade.  Please be careful when purchasing something from Ebay.  They really try to stop the counterfeiting but it keeps popping up.  If something looks too good to be true.....

This one is the funniest!(If you can even laugh at something as serious as counterfeiting ksny)
My goodness Jemma, what a large head you have!  This is a dress made from the paper hearts fabric (or copy of) that ksny used on the Iris top.  To better market this counterfeit dress, the seller enlisted the help of a celebrity from the hit TV show Glee....

I think a visit to the kate spade outlet is in store for me tomorrow.  I like being sure that what I buy is authentic.  I am hoping for some new apparel shipments so I can have more to choose from.  I have purchased everything that they have in my size so I need more!  I would love to see a striped Briella dress because somehow I missed out on that one.  It was in the sale section and then poof! It was gone.  I never give up hope.

Live Colorfully!


NezumiRyuko said...

I saw that counterfeit dress and must say I was (still am...?) tempted. It's cute seeing the Candy Stripe fabric made into an almost-Jillian style dress.

Generally, if someone is selling multiples of an item (at a too-good-to-be-true price) they're sure to be fake.

However, sometimes sample pieces do pop up (but that will be a lone listing). And they can have a few differences. Just look at the KS site, since many of the photos are of the samples, not the actual pieces put into production. For example, the Striped Lilith Skirt doesn't have welt pockets in the front pleats, as pictured. They are actually hidden side seam pockets. Or speaking of the Candy Stripe Jeanette, the actual dress has the gold ball buttons, not the flat white ones on pictured on the site.

As for the auction cut-and-paste pic, it's actually stolen from a GLEE fanblog: Cardi Clips Anonymous
She makes the Emma "paper dolls" to style her in different clothes.

I agree that as supporters of KS, we shouldn't buy the fake items. But I do wish her prices were easier on my wallet! ;)

Alison said...

Hi Sandee:

I'm hoping that you know the answer to my question:

I saw that someone asked on fb about when the bedding would be available at Bed Bath and Beyond and kate responded that it would be available at the end of may "fingers crossed".

what is the hold up?

I really hope that you know b/c I think that it is frustrating that they preview and promise the products and then there is this huge timing delay.


Royaltygirl said...

Alison, I think that the marketing team and the production team at ksny are not on the same page. The marketing folks are so excited to push new products that they tempt us with the pictures and "sneek Peeks" all the while the production people can't keep up with the schedule promised because of the delays that always crop up.

I asked at my BB&B when they were getting the kate spade bedding and they had not even heard that there was going to be a bedding collection. That had me worried that we had a while more to wait. I have a white bed with white pillows waiting to be decorated in kate spade style! I can't wait! I will let you know anything I hear about it.

Alison said...

I have been waiting and waiting. Last month when I was in NYC I asked the ladies who work at the 5th Ave store if they knew when to expect the bedding at BBB and they said that they had no idea.

I really hope that it is soon! :)

redwhitebride said...

I bought the "josie" dress (the one seen on glee) from an ebay seller that turned out super fake (with KSNY label!). I returned the dress and canceled the transaction but this went back up for auction from a different seller (using similar pictures). I had an experience buying a new, authentic KSNY dress on ebay before and I have sold my KSNY dress that I bought on sale but didn't work so well on me. But it seems these counterfeited products are everywhere on ebay now. Beware!!!