Just got back from my Galleria shopping trip!

It is sad to say that kate spade really let me down this weekend.  I was all ready to buy some of the new products but after careful research (trying on), nothing worked for me.  It either didn't fit right or the kate spade shop didn't have my size or the product in stock.
this dress was not in stock at all in the store.

this skirt was a little long for me and can't be hemmed.

this one was cute but it makes me look fat!

this was not available in the store.

Someone bought the only elephant purse the day before I went to the shop.
they only had one of these dresses and it was a 10. It was on sale and really pretty!

they only had this in a 10 and an 8.

I almost bought this jacket.  My daughter said that it made me look old.  The yellow brought out the lines and spots on my face...she was brutally honest.

I decided to give Neiman marcus a try because they have a huge kate spade dept.  I ended up with some Milly.  I love it!  I got this great dress and skirt on sale for a little more than the yellow jacket would have cost.  I am wearing the dress tomorrow for mother's day with a black cardigan.  I will post pictures of it when I get home from visiting Mark's mom tomorrow.  I definitely don't look like this model below.  My dress is a 6 so it is much more "filled out".  The skirt on this dress is amazing! 

this was something I had to have to wear with my kate spade poppies jewelry!
I better get to bed, I am pooped from all the shopping!
I highly recommend the Westin Oaks Hotel at the Galleria.  It is right next to the kate spade store!!


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hollie said...

I was so close to buying the yellow jacket when I was on holiday in in the States recently, wishing I had done now!

I'm also being really lazy and still wearing lots of yellow, I think it's cause it's just such a springtime colour and the weather has been great here in the UK recently for a change!

Milly is a really lovely brand, I always ooh and ahh over their dresses.


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