New kate spade cup and saucer set- Thanks Hubby!'.

The ups man delivered a surprise the other day from my sweet Hubby!  It was a box from Lenox.com with two awesome kate spade tea cups inside.  These cups are so pretty and colorful as can be expected from kate spade.  One cup has a black and white striped saucer and the other a yellow and white.  The art on these tea cups is lovely.  One is a grouping of pictures in frames and the other some potted plants including a green topiary tree.  I am a tea drinker so these cups will get daily use along with my kate spade mugs that I got around Christmastime.  There are other tea cups in this collection but these two are my favorite. Lenox has a great program where you can replace broken pieces at 50% off.  I think that is a good reason to buy Lenox because things usually break eventually.  There are some great plates in this new collection that I might order soon.  Visit Lenox.com to check out all the great kate spade china!

Tomorrow I will tell you about the three pair of kate spade shoes I got today at the outlet!  Amazing deal!



Madison's Mommy said...

swoon! your hubby did a great job!
i love all of the pieces in that collection!

Emily said...

love the tea cups! go hubby!