New stuff added to the sale section at katespade.com!

Illustration by Julia Denos  
Ride on over to the sale section of katespade.com to check out the new additions.  All the yellow and coral from spring is on sale right now!  The yellow jacket I have turned down because the color didn't make me look very good is now $277 and looking better everyday.  Other items have further reductions too.

The kate spade outlets are having a 40% off sale of everything even sale items starting today!  Call 281.758.2731 to reach my Houston outlet store to do a phone order with $5 shipping.  They have some super cute outlet only items like beach towels and totes with the sunglasses print from last summer and giraffe print totes and a giraffe pencil case!  They also have clothing that is only made for the outlet!  At 40% off it will be a good price.  I will try to get some pics when I go but they don't like you to take photos in the store.  I think it is because people try to counterfeit the things that they photograph. People amaze me...

Also, through Friday the 27th at retail stores and online use the code glamfb20 to get 20% off one full price item. It is a code you get when you "like" glamour magazine on facebook.  I just liked it and then got the code and then un-liked it.  Totally worth it because I am headed to the galleria tomorrow to visit kate spade again.

Have a great day!


Little Miss Can't Be Wrong said...

thank you for posting! i just used the code and am SO excited for my "i married adventure" clutch to arrive!

inmypocket said...

Sandee, it's so kind of you to share (I'd be tempted to leave all of the goodies to myself!)

Is the daffodil jacket a further 40% off at the outlet?
Also, do you know if the outlet take overseas credit cards?

Becky said...

thanks so much for the tip! just used it to get the date night ring <3

Adair Weddings said...

Wow....Me thinks it's worth a trip to the outlets near Palm Springs. Sandee, your blog is going to get me into trouble!!!!! Post your finds! =)

Sweetpea said...

I wonder if my hubby has an insider because he's taking us to OKC (where they have zero outlets)instead of staying in Texas. lol So now I'm hoping you get some pics this weekend. I'm a newbie to your blog and I love it!