Weekend @katespadeny Purchases!

daffodil Valerie jacket

broome street jeans
I can always use another pair of jeans!
black and white date night ring

hot pink date night ring

this ring is in a lime green instead of the blue. I couldn't find a pic of the right color. The green matches several pair of sandals that I have already in my closet.

I started shopping at the kate spade store at the houston galleria on Friday and visited the outlet on Saturday and shopped katespade.com on Monday.  I missed out on a couple of items new to the sale section because I didn't act fast enough.  I am looking for the pink and white stripe jillian but missed the size 6.  The prices were so great this weekend everywhere I went.  Nordstrom was having their twice a year sale and the spring ksny pieces were quite discounted.  They were lower there than in the ksny store.  I felt bad not spending my money at the kate spade store and dumping it at Nordstrom.  It was too good to pass up though.  I love a good deal!  It means more kate spade!
have a great night!


Miss Janice said...

That jacket is just precious. I *LOVE* it!

Priscilla said...

You got some great finds! I couldn't make it out but your purchases are inspiring!

Non-Running Graduate Student said...

how much were the broome street jeans? Were those discounted at the outlet store?

Royaltygirl said...

@non-running Graduate Student, I got them at Nordstrom in the Houston Galleria. They were $109. Those jeans are never discounted so it was a real find. If you called that particular store, they would probably send you some if they have your size. I was told that they sent a ton of them when Deborah Lloyd visited and then they all didn't sell so they are getting rid of them because they don't usually have them. They had a lot of them in lots of sizes on Friday.

W said...

You should have the stores do a search for you.

I thought they were out of the Jillian in size 2, but had the store do a search and send me my item. The store SA told me lots of the Jillian's were sent to outlets since they were on sale and they don't keep merchandise for as long. Good luck!

marsha said...

love your blog ...you should check out Neiman's right now