what I wore: kate spade royal plantation elephant basket purse,Red Gingham Katie Skirt, White Oxford shirt, Black Fossil Wicker Wedges

Isn't he cute!  I decided that his name is Lloyd in honor of Deborah Lloyd the Creative director at ksny.  Thanks to Emily who commented with the idea!!! I wore my Black Fossil wedges that have a wicker heel and they really complimented the bag. I love his little black eyes.  His trunk is hollow so I was thinking of sticking a silk daisy flower in it for fun.  My Neda wallet does not fit inside so I will have to get a smaller one to switch to in the summer.   I like the Gingham Katie skirt with the basket purses.  It seems to fit, kind of a "picnic to the zoo" type of look. lol!

I am going to stop sewing Katie skirts for awhile so I can enjoy my summer trips and relax.  If you have been waiting to order, NOW would be a good time to get your request in before I hit the beach here in Galveston.  I have several plaid Katies planned for the fall and some other designs as well (wait till you see the caplets in plaid!)  I will be launching those in Late August.

Lloyd the elephant and I will be relaxing and enjoying the Texas heat and taking a few trips.  Michigan and Arizona are planned so far.  I plan on hitting the kate spade shops in those states while I am out and about!

have a colorful day!

Oh, and Thank you to everyone who purchased things from my blog sale! I am leaving it up for the rest of the week so everyone gets a chance to snag something for cheap!

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