What I Wore: Pink floral skirt, black boat-neck tee, kate spade quinn

Here I was running out the door to pick up lunch at Wendy's.  We love their new fries!  The rest of the day yesterday we all watched Star Wars Episodes 4-6.  It was really fun to relax and hang out with the family.  I am preparing to go out of town next week so packing and organizing is the order of the day today.  I also have to finish up several skirt orders and mail them before I leave.  That means I will be sewing instead of shopping.  I wish there was a kate spade shopping network that I could watch while working at the sewing machine.  That way I could see all the products and order something without leaving the sewing room!  I am going to reward myself with a Sonic drink during happy hour if I get all my work done!

have a super day!

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