Imaginary kate spade Shopping Spree...

I am really looking for a distraction today so I went on an imaginary shopping spree (free spree) on katespade.com.  If I had the extra $$ I would have purchased the following which are residing in my shopping cart right now:
striped lilith skirt $295

hedy sandal $198

Illustrated tidbit plates $50

kati Cardigan $295

Bixby bag $495

pineapple ring $87 on sale
All for a grand total of 1,420.00 That was so much fun! I feel much better and can get back to work...  I love to take a free spree!
try it, it really helps!


Emily said...

i love the idea of a free spree! i actually have that yellow kati cardigan and wore it today- love! i am very tempted by the bixby, but am leaning towards the pollen color. i want the 5 points camille in carribean...sigh :)

Alison said...

I have the bixby! One of the best purchases, I love it! But just an FYI the corners of the wood opening are a little sharp so when you carry it on your shoulder be careful! :)

Any ideas when the fall stuff is coming out or at least the lookbook? I'm not too keen on the any of the summer collections. :)