kate spade Kati Studs and Ropes Cardigan

While out today I picked up this cute "shrunken" cardigan.  It exactly matches my brown ksny dress with the white applique trim from last summer. I didn't know that fact when I bought it but now I am so happy.  It also goes great with one of my new Katie skirts.  I will post an outfit pic as soon as I wear it.
kate spade Cape May Ronnie Dress
If you are looking for a great cardigan for a low price, the Brown Kati is only $79 at the Houston outlet and 40% off of that!  It is 200$ online right now!  You see why I had to get it...They have a lot of them if you want to call and get one sent to you for 5$.  They also have lots of dresses for $199 and 40% off that price this weekend.  I didn't like any of the ones there for myself but you might really like them.  The sunny elaine, terrazzo marie, paley paisley naomi, pixie shorts  and tons of Mod Squad skirts for really cheap. The orange slice basket was $125 and 30% off that price. It was tempting...

Gotta get back to my sewing....


andream.steveh said...

Did they have the rainbow striped dress? The one that the actress model wore in all the ads this winter/spring?

Was that one of the $199 40% off dresses at your outlet? Please let me know, I'd love to buy it! Thanks!

Royaltygirl said...

The outlet didn't have the rainbow striped dress, I would have snagged that for sure!

Priscilla said...

So funny, just today I was thinking to myself that I need a brown cardi, thanks for posting!
PS you're so lucky to live close to an outlet. My nearest one is 2 hrs away :(