kate spade takes a detour from fashion to fight for gay's right to marry in NYC

NYC window display:
two of a kind- marriage equality for all dazzling duos

kate spade new york wants gays to get married in New York and has dedicated an entire window display to the support of Human Rights Campaign (HRC)—the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil-rights organization—and its New Yorkers for Marriage Equality campaign. This is definitely more controversial than kate spade's support for "women for women" which helps women in war torn countries re-build their lives. A quote from kate spade's facebook page reads:

 "At kate spade new york, we believe in marriage equality. we are proud to support human rights campaign’s initiative for this very important cause. this doesn't reflect every individual employee's belief at kate spade new york. however, as a brand, we strongly believe in everyone's right to marriage and were honored to have been asked by the hrc to bring awareness to this initiative." 

I am personally surprised by this political stance by a fashion company but, kate spade is not alone in it's support of this campaign.  Levi's and Michael Kors have also done windows to show their support. I think that the term "lifestyle brand" has been taken to the farthest degree possible in this action.  The fashion companies are uniting on the marriage equality issue, hoping to use their influence to change public policy that they disagree with. 

I wonder how this window display would be received in other states like my home state of Texas? There are strong differing viewpoints on the issue of gay marriage and it is very sensitive and can cause a lot of conflict and disagreement.  Kate spade is usually my "happy place" but this window display hit me over the head with political activism instead of making my day more fun with cute clothes and purses.

Sorry if I "hit you over the head" with my political activism...


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283d662c-970c-11e0-9d0e-000bcdcb5194 said...

I agree with Kate Spade on this. Why wouldn't everyone?

Many of the Kate Spade products we enjoy were probably designed by gay folks. Who cares?

Living in California and the whole debacle of gays can marry / now they can't, I can honestly say that the gays who are married here have not negatively affected my life or marriage in any way.

Everyone should read the 14th amendment of the US Constitution. I don't know why this is still an issue anymore.

It's OK, Sandee --- really, it's OK.