Love this Papilllon Betty Dress from kate spade!

I don't know how I missed it before but this dress is gorgeous! Notice the butterfly pattern and the lovely colors.  Papillon is french for butterfly and there is a butterfly theme going on in the kate spade summer collection.  I just love butterflies.  The way this silk dress looks up-close is so lovely.  Have any of you seen it in person?  I have yet to see it at the kate spade store at the Galleria.
This weekend we bought our new car so I need to take a drive into Houston to try it out.  Maybe a trip to the Galleria is in order. I love my new Nissan Cube! I named her Duchess.  I will post her picture with a kate spade outfit of the day post tomorrow or the next day.
have a super duper day!

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Cricket said...

What color did you buy???

I am probably going to purchase a Kia Soul in the next few months. It's similar in body style, and the Kia has a 10 yr./100 k warranty. And it's super cute!!!

The Cube has a lot of space for clings to advertise your business too!!!

:). Cricket