what I wore: kate spade Elyse Sketchpad floral dress, target cardigan

 The first pic is me and the second is my puppy Olivia.  She is now 6 months old and has a big girl haircut.  
Today I wore a kate spade dress called the sketchpad Elyse with flowers all over and a coral sweater that I picked up early spring at Target.  I was only going out for lunch at Lupe Tortilla with my daughter so I just threw on some black flats.  I am sewing continuously for the entire weekend so you may not get much in the way of posts from me.  I am trying to get my skirt orders finished.  We have had lots of power outages because of bad weather and that doesn't help the sewing machine run at all!  We are looking to buy a new car this weekend or next.  Has anyone seen the Nissan Cube?  I think it is cute but don't know much about it.  I may go drive one tonight.

Have a great weekend!


Christy said...

You look lovely and so does Olivia! She's gorgeous :)

M said...

I too share your love for all things Kate Spade, and I am extremely envious of your extensive collection and your fabulous combinations!! I also wanted to quickly say thank you for your post on fake kate spade items sold on ebay- I purchased a striped briella that is simply fake! and i am currently initiating the process to get my money back... any tips on working with the ebay people/fake seller would be greatly appreciated! have a great sunday :)

Royaltygirl said...

M- I feel your pain! I just reported the seller to ebay and they returned my $$ with shipping. I had already mailed the dress back (I felt like it contaminated my house)that way they could not negotiate with me. I just wanted my $$ back. I also reported it to trademark@liz.com and left my ## and they called me to get the scoop. I felt like I was helping save others from the same experience. Liz Claiborne has a whole department that works to stop people from reproducing their products (kate spade, juicy, lucky etc)
Hope that helps!