Charming little video of photo shoot for the Pre-fall Katie Skirts made by my teenage daughter Madeline

On the fourth of July, we were really bored and decided to do a photo shoot for the new Katie skirts and to make a little video of our fun.  It was so fun to play around with my daughter Madeline (14).  She took our footage and made this charming video.  She also wrote and played the little song in the background.  I think she should go into this for a career because if she can direct, produce and create this film using whatever free little program came with her computer, she could really do some great stuff with the right equipment!
Isn't she sooo cute in the Katie skirts? I look silly, but I had fun! You will notice lots of kate spade jewelry and stuff that we wore with the skirts in the video.  It was nice to have my closet to style from!
Have a great day!


redwhitebride said...

Cute promotion video! Great job, Sandee!

Rachel said...

Cute video, and swooning for the pre-fall skirts! Plaid & stripes !?!? I can't wait for fall!

Lady Jan said...

Love the video, its lovely and cute :)

Royaltygirl said...

Ya'll are so sweet! I will tell my daughter that you like her video! I gave her a katie skirt for making it!