kate spade petticoat adds fun to your wardrobe!

kate spade gigi tulle underskirt $195

I just noticed these on katespade.com today! I mentioned yesterday in my post that petticoats are coming back in style and these are so stylish!  I ordered mine from Amazon.com for $18 but I may need to get the hot pink one from kate spade!  Amazon has red, light pink, white and black here.  If you search for knee length petticoat on ebay, you can find them in EVERY color for under $35.  I was going  for cheap with something like that because it is under everything and people only see the bottom if it peeks out.  I was thinking of making a skirt that would work with the petticoat because it needs to be pretty full and shorter than 20" so you can see the petticoat.  I wore it with my vintage 1950's dress on Sunday to church but you didn't see the petticoat, it was just adding fullness to the dress.  Things like this are so much fun because they add something to your wardrobe that makes it just a little more special.
Have a super day!


Priscilla said...

So cute! What a great idea!

AgentKay said...

I love wearing petticoats esp. under 50s dresses/skirts - it just makes it more special when you have that extra puff ;) Great to see that this is where Kate Spade is heading this season but the price is just too much for something to wear underneath. Granted that it has those cute little trims but I know there are cheaper alternatives and they do the job just as well :)