Two new arrivals on katespade.com that I totally love!

First, I have to say that I love love this skirt! It is the new leopard Lilith ($355) from kate spade.
kate spade leopard Lilith skirt $355

And, I promise I did not copy it with my leopard Katie skirt!  I couldn't believe it when I saw it!  I am so excited that I was thinking on the same lines as the kate spade designers!!! Amazing! I wish my waist was a tiny as that kate spade model's waist!  Oh wait, then I wouldn't get to eat that yummy cake I ate yesterday, and the chips, and the m&m's and....

Sandee Royalty Katie skirt $70
just email me if you want to order and I will send you a paypal invoice, I don't have this one up on the site yet.
Sandra Sweater Dress $355
This super cute sweater dress has my name!!! I am so excited about that too!  I just love the way the stripe is only along the bottom.  I am going to make my own dress inspired by this dress because I could never wear it in houston.  It is wool sweater knit.  YUCK!  I usually have to wear cotton all year long here in the hot land.  

Sale section is loaded with bargains on katespade.com if you are in need of a pick-me-up!  I thought of buying a bag or dress or skirt... I am just in a buying slump.  I can't seem to pull the trigger on anything. My outlet is going to be down for remodeling at the end of August so maybe they will have some sales before they shut down.  I may need to visit them on Friday.  I am just trying to wear all the clothes and jewelry, purses and shoes that I already own.  It is quite a feat to be responsible for what you have, keeping it nice and not let it sit in the closet too long before you wear it. It is also hard to do that when it is a crazy 100 degrees outside!  I will press on!


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