Holy Capes Batman! @katespadeny plaid cape is awesome!

plaid Sophie cape $595
We have a joke at our house from The Incredibles  "No Capes!"  This would definitely be an exception to that rule!  I love this kate spade Sophie cape.  I wonder what the lining is made of.  If you have seen this in person, let me know what is inside!  All the description says is faille lining.  I designed a cape for my fall collection that is a little shorter than this one and lined it in scottie dog lining.  It is fun because you can see the lining when you move because of the arm slits.  I will put a picture up later this week.  I would love a plaid cape to wear with jeans in the fall.  This is a little like Burberry plaid.  Deborah Lloyd used to work for Burberry before Banana Republic.   Speaking of Banana, have you seen the new Mad Men Collection!!!! To Die For!!!

Have a great day!

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