Today I wore: kate spade ny beeline Cardigan and a floral dress from SOHO apparel

Today I was in a floral mood!  I guess I just want it to be summer a little longer.   I topped my dress with the kate spade beeline cardigan with the little bee made of beads on the shoulder.  The colors worked great together and then I added a black petticoat underneath.  It doesn't show well in the photo but I took several and none of them would do it justice.  I love wearing the crinoline!  It makes me feel so girly and sweet. This dress was short enough that it peeked out at the bottom. Saturday I wore it with another dress but it was too long to show.  It still made the dress look better than by itself. I had the lady marmalade ring on and carried the basket purse that has been sitting in my closet all summer.

You can't tell as much in the photo but, it was very "swingy" when I walked!  This dress is just a black and hot pink swirl pattern with a black stripe band along the bottom.  I added the belt to add dimension and show my waist in contrast to the full skirt.  I is a different look for me and I am going to do more like this.  The only kate spade here is my basket purse. The family was visiting my mom-in-law for the day.  I took the picture at her house.  Wow, she made some yummy Italian cream cake!!!!

have a super day and don't forget to "live colorfully!"

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