Ipad 2 or $500 of kate spade stuff? Which would you choose?

I have a choice to make soon... Ipad 2 or kate spade stuff.  I tend to love stuff.  I also love technology.  I own an Iphone 4, nook color ereader , netbook and a HP laptop.  I also have an awesome HP desktop that is hooked up to a projector and is used as a media server for movies and tv. None of those is an Ipad.  :)

I have a few things in the sale section of ksny that I want as well as a couple of full price options calling my name.  What would you do?  I need some advice from an outside source because my husband doesn't like apple and my daughter is getting an ipad 2 for her birthday+some of her savings.  So they are biased.  Do you  have and ipad?  When do you use it instead of a laptop?  It wouldn't be the 3g version so I will just have wifi. I love my iphone and use it all the time to go online.  Would I use the ipad instead?

thanks for your input!


redwhitebride said...

ipad 2 for sure. kate spade will continue producing stuff, there's always something new each season, and it's ok not to own stuff from a particular season but later.

Alison said...

Before I got my mac I was a PC girl, but now after having my Mac Book Pro, iPhone, and my fiancee' and I sharing an iPad, I would NEVER go back to a PC!

Get the iPad you won't be disappointed! :) and then maybe hold out until Christmas and see if KS comes out with a new iPad case! :)

JewishGirlBlog said...

Do not get an iPad! The iPad 3 is just around the corner, and I predict it will be thinner, lighter, have a retina display, have a better camera, have more storage space, and cost the same amount as the iPad 2. Just wait a few months and buy the iPad3 when it comes out. Buy yourself some Kate Spade pretties in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

I would wait for the iPad HD (coming soon). I will say this--Once you go Mac you never go back!!


Hilary Dow Ward said...

I'd go for the KSNY items...the Ipads will be around. The KSNY things will not! I agree, Mac is where it's at!

Lady Jan said...

Get the Ipad2 and imagine all the things you can do with this small wonderful device! I recently upgraded from Ipad to Ipad2 and it is much lighter and easier to carry around and i can shop online or read a nice ebook or magazine while enjoying a nice cup of coffee at Starbucks or when i'm traveling. You will not regret it as you can use it to shop online for more Kate Spade stuffs ;) I also store my family holiday pictures on my Ipad2 so that i can view it whenever i want or share with my friends. You can purchase fashion e-magazines from Zinio and ebooks from Kobo at cheaper prices too.

Royaltygirl said...

I love all these comments! I bought my daughter her Ipad yesterday and now am going to play with it to see how I like it. I realized that if I get one I could sell my nook color and my netbook so I wouldn't be out as much $$$ as I thought. I may be able to get some ksny haul too!