kate spade hits London with typical colorful style!

photo via vogue.com UK
Deborah Lloyd was at home again after 10 years, in the streets of London with the opening of the new kate spade new york shop in Sloane Square.

  In an interview with In Style UK, Deborah Lloyd said:  "As a Brit, I am thrilled to be opening two kate spade new york stores in London! It feels, in many ways, like the perfect homecoming for me. The two London stores will be our first major presence in Europe and will be the gateway to the rest of the continent."

There were even yellow taxis parked outside to give a nod to New York City.  There is also another new kate spade shop in Covent Garden that is on Langley Court. To decorate the new stores, they used some of the ideas and decor from the much written about pop up shop in London in the spring.  Instead of a flower painted floor, this time there is a real rug!  The colors are bright and cheerful just like the kate spade brand.

“I think we have a unique sense of fun mixed with lady-like glamour,” Deborah Lloyd told The Telegraph. "We don't take ourselves too seriously and I think the Brits will appreciate that. We are also such a New York brand - so we'll bring a little bit of that spirit to London."   

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