What I wore: Plaid Katie Skirt and All Typed up Cyde

Last week I wore my new plaid Katie skirt but forgot to post it on the blog.  I have been really bad at posting lately.  I love this skirt!  It is really soft thick flannel.  It is really a fall skirt but I wanted to wear it anyway cuz it is so cute!!!

have a lovely day!


Becky said...

Cute outfit! Saving my pennies to buy a navy striped Katie skirt for fall :)

Kelly said...

You always look AMAZING and are such a great source of inspiration besides the latest news from Kate Spade. I wanted to ask if you're going to see Tim Gunn in San Antonio? He'll be visiting the Shops at La Cantera October 8. He will be here next weekend and my Kate Spade shop invited me to go! The show they put on in the mall (which showcases all three brands for us- Lucky, Kate and Juicy, you can find a video of a show they did last year in honolulu if you google honolulu tim gunn on youtube,) is open to everyone, but they have an after party with a swag bag and you get to meet Tim Gunn and have your photo taken with him, etc. You probably already did something like this in previous years. I'm excited since I saw that youtube video last year and was all grumpy that we never get to meet Deborah Lloyd or see that cute show, etc., but am thrilled that at least Tim Gunn will be here! If you happen to not know about it, call up your local Kate Spade store! You can go to the after party if they or another brand invite you, or you spend $150 in the stores. If you go, you have to post photos, etc! I am a schlumpadumpa so it will be a miracle if I don't embarrass myself with whatever I put together. I did get the new Kennedy bag in black, I had to, it had been calling to me for some time since I saw previews that you posted! I love all the links you find to seasonal previews! Thank you! And how about the upcoming Cha Cha Chocolate clutch for holiday- I can not wait! I hope all is well with you and your family! Kelly