Yesterday's Outfit: Stein Mart Jacket Pink Pop of Color

If you aren't an instagram or twitter follower, here is my outfit yesterday!  I found this Jade colored jacket at Stein Mart for $11 on clearance Monday night and decided to wear it on Tuesday for a quick turnaround.  It was one of those things that I didn't want to linger in my closet because I would be less likely to wear it with each passing day.  Do you have things like that?  You wait and "save " them but never end up wearing them... I fight against this by just wearing my new things right away!  The jacket has a pink lining so I rolled up the sleeves and put on a pop of pink flower, pink flower necklace and carried my hot pink ksny Quinn. You can't see in this pic but I wore my leopard heels for even more fun!

This is the time of year to grab those good deals for next summer!  It is when everything gets cheap because the shops have to get rid of everything to prepare for the holidays.  Shop! Shop! Shop!  I also like this time of year because it is my birthday on Oct. 1 and I get lots of birthday $$$ to spend at the kate spade store or online.  I hope my outlet opens up by then because I will be ready to buy some new things.  I have been in a lull for Aug. and Sept. not buying much because I have had to cut back (according to my Hubby.)  I still owe him some $$$ but maybe I will get a reprieve for my birthday! hope hope hope.  
Wishing you bouquets of sharpened pencils this fall!
Have a colorful day!


Rachel said...

I love the color combo of the jade jacket with the pink accessories. Unfortunately, the Stein Mart closest to me went out of business. :(

mtlau said...

What a good steal! That jacket would work so well into spring as well! I really loved how you paired it w/ the flower pin!=]