anyone for chocolate? @katespadeny new color for october!

Yes it is true!  Kate Spade's color of the month for October is Chocolate Brown.  This ring above it the color of the month ring for October.  I was hoping for a dark eggplant purple but, oh well. Now my Owl purse will get some use!  I will run out and stock up on some brown tights and tees to wear with all my other colors and treat my leopard shoes like a basic black.  I did buy some brown Fossil suede shoes last month so I will get to wear them now.  I am going to run to the fabric store and look for some brown prints to make some of my newest skirt design, the Olivia skirt.  It is just like the recent pleated skirt from ksny with box pleats.   I finally figured out how to get them to work.  I just needed more fabric and a fuller skirt.  I am looking for some brown plaid to make the next one.  I will post soon about what I have been making lately.  Today it is my birthday so I better run.   I just wanted to let you know about the color of the month!

Live brownish,

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