Cute @katespadeny stuff $65 and under!

Here are a few little items that are under $65 that you can pick up on your next visit to the Kate Spade shop or online at katespade.com.  It might slightly satisfy your craving for some ksny in a small way.  If that is possible...






There are many more items such as jewelry pieces and paper products that are in that $65 and under price range that can be found online at katespade.com .  The friends and family sale is going on from the 21st - the 23rd so you can get 30% off your purchase with the code fall11ff when you purchase online, at the outlet or retail store.  That means you can stock up for Holiday gifts at a savings!  I am just going to use it for myself! lol!
Live Colorfully!


Surgeon101 said...

Hi Sandee. Did you get this coupon through email? Or was it Facebook or twitter? I just wanted to know because if it came through email I hadn't received it yet and was worried that I wasn't getting ksny emails anymore. Thanks!

Royaltygirl said...

Surgeon101, I got the coupon from my friend that works at the outlet in San Marcos. They distributed it to the list from that particular outlet. I did not receive one from the Houston outlet which I visit often. I also received a call from the Houston retail store telling me to come in to the "friends and family" sale this weekend. She did not offer a code for use online or mention that it was also at the outlets. So, don't feel bad if you didn't get one! That is why I posted it! I want all my readers to be able to take advantage of a great sale!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you! You have such a wonderful blog and are always so great in keeping us KSNY fans up-to-speed on sales and new arrivals. I also didn't receive the code via email and I'm signed up to store and KSNY online email so thanks so much for posting!