Cute Luggage from O.com for the kate spade girl!

I was shopping around for some cute carry-on luggage after seeing the really fun luggage that kate spade new york had in the Spring 2012 fashion show.  I stumbled upon some really vintage looking ones from O.com formerly Overstock. The come in lots of girly colors and even plaid!  They are sets of two, one large carry on and one smaller one, like a briefcase or make-up bag and cost under $52 for the set.  Which one should I choose?  I want them all so I haven't been able to make up my mind and order any.

It might be cute to have a monogram put on the side of the bag too!  I would even carry the small one as a purse!  Help me choose please!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sandee,
Thanks for sharing this luggage-so tempted. Personally, I like the maroon plaid with black trim for you. It is the most sophisticated colorway yet still fun. Unisex enough for a guy to borrow (or carry for you)without complaint about being too outright girlie. That said, also love the pink/red and tan plaid colorways too, so follow your heart!
Thanks for your blog. I find it a fun place to check in!