kate spade new york inspired pantry!!!!

So, I hardly have anything in the pantry so it is a good time to clean it out right?  I don't like life to be boring so, why just clean it? Re-decorate it inspired by none other than kate spade new york!!! I started the    process by putting heavy wrapping paper up in the back of the shelves. Then, I organized the remaining pantry items (after a total throw-away of outdated stuff) in baskets, bins and even a mirror box for the trash bags and Glad wrap.  I had my husband hang some cup hooks for my kate spade cups so they would be in a cheerful place every morning.  I put all my oils and syrup in glass bottles on the top shelf.  I love it!  We even have a cheap chandelier hanging in the middle to shed some light on the whole colorful experience.   I hung a yellow polka dot dry erase board on the door to make a list of items needed from the grocery.  It is so much fun to make a boring, tedious chore into a colorful, inspiring project!  I might even cook now!  I sure need to re-stock some supplies now.  I may have to spend my clothing budget on pantry items this week.  I threw away two jars of peanut butter because I didn't know which one was the newest.  I will have to relocate some of my serving pieces to make room for groceries!!!

Live Colorfully!


Portland Sunshine said...

omg so freaking cute! well done!!!

::little projects in style:: said...

how awesome!! :) its super cute!!

i have a pair of heels from kate spade thats in that exact zebra prints!!

p.s. thanks for visiting!

Lesli said...

This is adorable!