Over 200 photos of the @katespadeny spring press event!

The Billy Farrell Agency was snapping photos at yesterday's kate spade spring press event and they put them online for us to drool over! Visit the link to look at the pic's and come back here and give me your opinion! The looks were again styled by Brad Goreski of Rachel Zoe fame.  If you look closely, you will see some really unique pieces such as new luggage, dinnerware and clutches that look like a ship and a magazine.  The black and white print that is everywhere is by Florence Broadhurst (look at the calendar above) and will be on almost everything in the spring. I saw bedding, dresses,Vespas!, bags, shoes, dinnerware etc...  I wonder if there will be wallpaper too! It is good to know that stripes are still "in" for spring so when I start making Katie skirts again, I will not be out of style.  The colors for spring and summer will delight the Lilly Pulitzer fans for sure!  I noticed that there were some tshirts with sayings on them such as "eat cake for breakfast" and "skirt the rules".  I am glad to see some of the fun sayings on basic tees so we can use them for layering pieces! Over all, I loved the collection and can not wait to wear the stripe Jillian dress and the green jacket with white trim like my yellow one. The basket purse that looks like a picnic basket will be on my list too!  What do you like the most? Is there anything that you don't like?

Billy Farrell Agency's Pics of kate spade spring 2012



Alison said...

I thought the saying tees were cute, but again I'm underwhelmed. It seemed like the length of the dresses were off---either way too short or way too long. I have seen enough off that jillian dress. Come on Kate Spade design something new, don't just take the same cut of dress and change the fabric. The cardigans seem to be the same as what they have now just in different colors. I feel that it was as if Kate was trying to compete with Lilly. :(

goldenmeans said...

Thanks for the heads up Sandee! I saw some photos on ksny's tumblr yesterday, but these shots are much more complete!

I have to say I LOVE the Florence Broadhurst print, and so many of the objects featured in it -- I have my eyes on the skirt, the pumps, the dress that Deborah is wearing, the chair, and of course those amazing suitcases and hatboxes. Love. Also liked the green polka-dotted dress, the pink pleated polka-dot skirt, the polka-dot pussy-bow blouse, and the piped trench. Oh and the Eat Cake tote.

The ship clutch was cute, but I'm not sure I would even consider buying it, and the magazine clutch was a little disappointing compared to January's newspaper clutch (which I wish they would just re-release, it was amazing!).

Royaltygirl said...

I agree about the newspaper clutch! I missed out on it and would love to get one. the polka dot bow blouse is really cute too! I wonder if it has sleeves...

zyzzyva said...

There's a lot to like in the collection, but not many pieces I'd actually add to my wardrobe if given the chance.

My favorites:
green dotted bow blouse (worn under the green jacket)
orange dotted trapeze mini dress
blue and white chevron print halter dress
orange(?) bow belt
Broadhurst print round hat case

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandee,
I was wondering, do you know if KSNY is going to come out with anymore book clutches? Do you know what the next pattern is? Thanks!!

zyzzyva said...

According to preppy with a twist (who works at KS HQ), the print on that green dress isn't polka dots, but actually tiny tennis balls! Very cute.

She also describes how 2012 will be the Year of Pattern
versus 2011 Year of Color.

Royaltygirl said...

zyzzyva, I read that earlier and was going to post about it tomorrow! I think that is pretty cool. I don't know if i want to wear tennis balls though. It is a cute idea.

Preppy with a twist said that January was "0ne way ticket to Australia" with stripes and tweeds in black and navy. Feb. is all about the Florence prints in pink and black and white. Then in March, the tennis stuff and Garden Society. I guess that is the green and white colorway. I don't know how many people can play tennis in March around the US. I prob. can here in Houston but NCY will have to shovel a spring snow off the courts...