Today's visit to the @katespadeny outlet in Houston....

the clothes in the back are from the new outlet line that are favorites re-issued and re-designed.  Notice the bow sweater  on the display... 

these are the outlet version of the Jillian dress. It is $269 (I think..) but it was 40% off today.  The red runs small in the top.  It is red silk dupioni and may cost more but I didn't look.  It was pretty but I loved the black cotton one! They are minus the pockets that are on the Jillian so that was a deal breaker for now.

I got this peacock Quinn!  I am going to plan an entire wardrobe around it.

the store had a great jewelry display!  the drawers are filled with rings. 
 I think the new Houston outlet design is just as good as the retail store in decor and products.  I love the upgrade!  All the clothes are from the outlet special line and are some of the favorite older styles re-imagined. I will get some more pics next time.  I am going back to buy my mom a peacock Quinn!

Live Colorfully!

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Anonymous said...

I love that peacock Quinn! Such a great bag shape. I also love the new Jewelery counter! I think it looks gorgeous. The only downside is you have to be quite tall to look properly into the mirror, and the pull-out drawers confuse people into thinking they should open all of them!