Weekend Project: Black and white striped wall! Easy Peasy!

I was so busy today working on my next project, a kate spade inspired pantry, that I forgot to post the pics of my dining room DIY.  I hope you like it!  If you have any questions about how to do it yourself, email me and I will help if I can.
It only took about an hour to paint and it makes such a difference!!!
Taping the wall took the longest!  I used green frog tape.  It has the best sealing properties.  Run a credit card along the tape for an even better seal.  I used a ruler to measure 1 foot stripes and marked, then taped.

I used a small roller and high gloss latex paint in black.

The stripes only took one coat and then touch ups after I removed the tape.  There were some areas that the  cream wall paint wasn't fully covered.  I just painted those spots again, not the whole thing.
Peeling the tape was so exciting!!!! The paint left really clean lines.  I was so worried that I had ruined my wall but when I  peeled the tape off, it was perfect!!! Yay!

One more look at the finished product!  I keep going into the room just to see it...
So, what do you think?  It would be nice to have painted a less powerful color but in my case, I needed the impact in that room.  It was a dud, a total dead space in my house.  Now it is so much fun!  I want to paint something else but my husband says I can only have one black and white striped room in the house.  Maybe yellow stripes in the guest room??? They can be vertical instead of horizontal!  Maybe after I finish my current project!  I will post pics tomorrow of my kate spade inspired pantry! lol! I bet Deborah Lloyd has never thought of doing a kate spade new york pantry!  

Live Colorfully!


Kristen said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Sandee! Love the bold contrast...can't wait to see the pantry!

Tracy@GeneralSplendour said...

This is to die for - nicely done! It looks like a Kate Spade skirt. :-) Totally changes and updates the room. Enjoy!