kate spade Call Me Chase telephone handbag

kate spade Call Me handbag $425 retail

the interior of the Call Me Chase
I picked up a new favorite bag at the Black Friday sale at the kate spade outlet here in Houston.  It is a special edition Call Me Chase handbag.  I had not seen it before but you can imagine how I just had to have it immediately! It really reminds me of my All Typed Up Clyde typewriter bag.  The telephone dial is actually 3D with gold metal trim around the number buttons!  It has the same acrylic licence plate label as my Clyde and the same detachable strap. Have any of you ever seen this bag? I am thinking it is "outlet only" like my owl purse from last fall.  I can't believe it is not in retail stores because it is just soooo amazing!  There is a crossbody version also that is much smaller.  I went for the big one because it is the size of my typewriter bag and works great for me! Give an outlet a call, they may still have some...



Anonymous said...

I love this purse! I am pretty sure that this is the outlet version of last year's All Typed Up Clyde. I work at a kate spade outlet and was planning to buy myself one of these... but after the Black Friday madness, I'm not sure if there are any left! Everything, including the chase, was flying off shelves! Such a fun bag, though.

paola xoxo said...

hey there! i have the same exact one bag! this isn't an outlet exclusive, the stores had this in Summer 2011.

& FYI, i'm jealous that you have the owl bag - it's not an outlet exclusive either! the company only made around 40 [i think] of those & im kicking myself for not getting it! that was from fall 2010 wasn't it?

also, i have the all typed up clyde as well - it's wonderful!

Kym said...


Was looking for this bag and chanced on your blog :)

Would you please share how much you bought the bag for during the Black Friday sales? Found someone selling this at a pretty good deal who claims to buy it from the outlet. Wanted a price comparison - if it's comparable to what the seller is offering, then it's probably fishy.

Thanks and love your blog :)

Royaltygirl said...

Hi Kym~
On black friday, the sale was 50% off and 20% on top of that with an extra 10% if you had a coupon. The regular price is $425. I will let you do the math, I am not so great at it...That was a great deal because it was only that price for that night. It went up after that. That is why I grabbed it!

Kym said...

Thanks so much for your reply Sandee and wow ... the discount during Black Friday was crazy ... lucky you. The seller was offering it at about 40% discount, so it wasn't too bad and I have just bid for it. Can't wait to confirm payment and receive the bag ... yipee!!!

Wishing you a lovely and colourful weekend!

Fiona Chan said...

This is so gorgeous! I don't think there would be any sale or warehouse sale or something similar for Kate Spade here D: