I finally got the City Lights Lilith skirt!

I have been dreaming about the city lights Lilith skirt for months and it is finally mine! I tried it on three times and never took the plunge but yesterday at the Houston outlet I finally bought it. I can say that the price was amazing so that helped me make the choice. There was only one skirt there and it was my size so I knew it was my day! This is the skirt that was painted by Katie Evans from kate spade. It is art and apparel at the same time! I am going to plan some outfits with it now and any ideas would be helpful. I want the focus to stay on the skirt but would like to add a pop of color somewhere. Comment with your ideas of styling if you get a chance.
Live colorfully!


Mal said...

oooh, I absolutely love this skirt!


zyzzyva said...

Such a cute skirt! If only I had room in my wardrobe for another black full skirt... *sigh* ;)

I guess tennis is in the air this Spring. Just saw this dress on Anthro's site:
Grass Court Dress

Being cotton eyelet, it's certainly more casual than KS's own upcoming green dress with tennis print, but it still made me laugh when I saw it. :D

Fabulous Florida Mommy said...

Congratulations on getting the skirt Sandee...it is SO pretty! :)

I recently found your blog and have really been enjoying 'catching up' on all of your posts. I think you are absolutely adorable and have to say that the skirts you sew yourself are just so lovely!

Also, I'm sure you probably received the email coupon (offering an additional 10% off the extra 40% promo they have been running) from your Kate Spade Outlet store, but just in case you didn't, I wanted to let you know that I posted it on my blog yesterday (along with my own fabulous finds at the outlet store). It can be printed out and used at the outlet stores nationwide until Tuesday. (The coupon is posted here.)

Have a very Happy New Year! :)