OMG I am so excited about the new Classic Hartley skirt now available on sandeeroyalty.com

I have been working on a new skirt design for a while and have finally finished the Classic Hartley skirt!  I am super excited about this skirt because it is available in so many fun colorways and the silhouette is my favorite. I love a skirt that skims the hips and shows off my waist.

This Classic Hartley, named for my darling daughter Madeline Hartley, has three box pleats in the front and three in the back with a zipper on the side.  The special difference about this design is the contour waistband.  It allows the waistband to go in at the smallest part of your waist and then gradually gets a bit larger to smooth right into the pleats.   It really helps when there is a big difference in waist and hip measurement (hey, that's me!)  It also looks great on those with a straighter shape worn lower on the hip, with the pleats laying flat or ironed closed.  The band helps smooth the tummy when worn that way.  I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!

I am making it available in 5 colorways: Vanilla, Bubble Gum, Turquoise, Noir and Ruby.  The colors are so vivid and the fabric is heavy and substantial  cotton.  It is lined in the same rich satin fabric as the Striped Katie skirt.

Go take a look at sandeeroyalty.com to see it in all it's glory!
Live Colorfully,

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