planned 25 days of Christmas outfits today!

Today I worked on 25+ outfits for the month of December.  I didn't want the holidays to go by without wearing all my festive pieces so I planned each outfit with jewelry and accessories so I will be ready for whatever the season brings.  I included some pieces that I don't seem to ever wear even though they are lovely.  I am going to wear them first so by the end of the month, closer to Christmas, I will be wearing my very favorite outfits.  I removed to the back of the closet everything else so I don't get distracted by the other clothes.  In January, those things will seem much newer and fresher because I haven't been looking at them all month.  I have put together lots of red and black outfits with some silver and gold sparkle.  I have a couple of pairs of pants and one jeans outfit.  Everything else is skirts and dresses.  All my beautiful kate spade dresses in black and purple are waiting in a row for me to wear them for the holidays.  I have to plan on going somewhere everyday so I can have a reason to get pretty.  It is so much fun to go shopping in your own closet!


smallwordsdesign said...

Oh my goodness, I really love that new telephone bag. I have been thinking about it since you posted the other day. I need to find it! :)

Ayana said...

Smallwordsdesign likes your telephone bag, I'm in love with the typewritter one...