What I wore: Self-designed Key skirt, Forever 21 sweater and kate spade Peacock Quinn

I went to Jo Ann's fabrics to get a zipper and came home with some really cute key fabric!  It was just crying out to be made into a skirt so I went home and made it that night!  I added a velvet band of fabric around the bottom to give it a richer feel.  It also means it is more holiday too!  The sweater just happened to be hanging up in the closet, never worn, and I immediately the two belonged together! I added some black tights (I resisted the red ones because I liked the all black and cream look).  I put on some pearls and a fossil key charm to echo the key motif in the skirt.  I wore Simple ballet flats for shoes and a Peacock blue pop of color for the bag.  I wanted to use my Clyde but the red typewriter seemed to overpower the keys.  Maybe I will wear it tomorrow.
I purchased some fabric at Hobby Lobby with christmas lights all over and that is my project today!  I am going to make another skirt just like this one but instead of a velvet band at the bottom, I have some great thick red velvet ribbon to sew along the hemline. I better be off being creative!  I am having so much fun!


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