Department Store Retailing News: Kate Spade's Got a Brand New Bag

Department Store Retailing News: Kate Spade's Got a Brand New Bag: "Designer Deborah Lloyd is infusing the brand with her quirky sensibility, making it younger and more hip Bloomberg Businessweek By Cotten ..."

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what I wore: kate spade silver diane jacket with j crew stripe tee and jeans

I was trying to get a different, more springy look from my kate spade Diane jacket so I added a J Crew pink stripe top and it totally lightened up the outfit!  Maddy and I are heading out to the outlet mall for our Friday visit.  I will let you know what we find...I hope not too much! I have been spending my $$$ on puppy toys this week!

live colorfully!


what I wore: kate spade stripe dress and embellished cardigan from Target

Today was really warm so I took a summery approach...kate spade stripe dress and a lovely cardigan from Target.  My purse is a Lisa Perry bag.  I paired that with some really white legs and black sandals~!


New additions to the SALE section of katespade.com!



It is great to see some new items on sale on the kate spade website!  I have had my eye on the pieces above since January and I love to get a "deal"!  The one that is my favorite pick is the yellow stripe t-shirt because yellow is the color of the month for March and I need more yellow!  My kate spade store has yellow tights too... but here in Texas, I won't be wearing tights anymore.  I had to switch to sandals today because it was too warm to put my feet into real shoes.

I bought some high waisted white jeans today and am planning some yellow outfits with them for March.  I didn't do well with the pink theme in February because most of my pink is spring and summer.  I am going to wear a pink outfit tomorrow to go shopping with my daughter.  I have been going much more casual while poodle training. Olivia wants to eat my skirts and chew my shoes!  I am going to visit my "shop" in the attic where I have my spring/summer clothes to find some suitable attire.  I know I have lots of yellow up there but nothing kate spade.  I always have my Quinn to add a pop of yellow and my daisy pin with the yellow center.  I have the kate spade daisy necklace too.  I will have to wear that one during March.

have a sunshiny day!


what I wore: kate spade esti skirt with white oxford shirt and yellow flower pin

My outfit was a simple kate spade esti skirt with a white oxford shirt that I found in the boys department at Target.  I added a yellow flower pin and carried my yellow Quinn (forgot to carry it in the photo).  My necklace was the ksny birdcage. When I was at Stein Mart a really sweet lady told me that I looked like a kate spade ad!  I told her that was the best compliment!!!

Maddy wore her kate spade owl dress with  jean jacket and polka dot tights from forever 21.  She is such a pretty girl!  I am going to borrow this dress soon!  I love the yellow color!  Next month the color of the month is yellow so I have to wear it in March.

Olivia came home for the first time yesterday and we have been having fun playing poodle games all day (and night)!  She had to be spayed before we could get her so she had hersurgery on Monday.  By Tuesday morning when we picked her up, she didn't even act like she had anything done at all!  They had to shave her left leg for the IV so she is not symmetrical and it is driving me crazy!  I may just have to shave the other one to make them match.  She is so good!  She learned how to sit on the 3rd try.  She is so smart!  She learned how to potty outside on the first day!  It is amazing how smart a Standard poodle is!

Have a colorful day!


New kate spade dresses at Neiman Marcus!

These three cuties are available on neimanmarcus.com.  They don't look like the kate spade we have seen before, maybe a little more like Lilly Pulitzer or Milly.  What do you think?

I am just having a little fun shopping on the internet tonight while my family is watching The Prince of Persia.  I cleaned the media room sofa today so it is wet and everyone is hanging out in my room watching the movie.  It is so cozy!  All we need now is our new puppy!  We pick her up tomorrow morning...let the training begin!

Live Colorfully!

I love the kate spade Zoya blouse at Zappos!

kate spade Zoya blouse $245 at zappos.com
I just love this blouse made of a cotton/silk combo.  It is so fun and stripey!  It is nice to find some items that are different than the ones that I see everyday when I check katespade.com.  I have seen this before on neimanmarcus.com also.  I have been looking for a pair of white skinny jeans. I would wear them with this blouse with some red heels.  I still love stripes!


My new puppy!

Lady Olivia

I am excited to announce a new member of my family, Lady Olivia Royalty!  She is an 11 week old standard poodle.  Isn't she just a sweetheart?  We are bringing her home from Houston Poodle Rescue on Tuesday.  She is a live wire so I hope I am ready for her. Mark asked if I was ready to have one of my Kate Spade bags chewed up...

On a sad note, we lost our beloved Fifi on Thursday night to a very unexpected stroke.  I have been a basket-case since then and Mark thought we should quickly adopt to ease my pain.  Good decision!  It has helped me stop the crying already and I can't wait to be Olivia's mommy.  She is so different than Fifi and much much bigger!
we will miss our beautiful Fifi!
I am going back to daily blogging tomorrow after a few days off for mourning.  I just couldn't make myself write about kate spade when we were so sad over here.  Now that things are headed back to happy at the Royalty home, I will start living colorfully again!  I did wear a cute outfit to church today but didn't get a pic.... My new stripe Jillian dress.  I will wear it again soon so you can see.

happy day!


today I wore: the kate spade Briella dress in black with pink tights and pink quinn bag

Today I wore the black silk/cotton Briella dress with accents of pink.  I wore pink tights and carried my hot pink quinn.  I also added my Coach poppy plaid shoes with the pink and purple bows.  Madeline took this pic really quick in the kitchen after I had been wearing the outfit all day so the lighting isn't good and I sure look tired.  The dress is wrinkled in the front from sitting down most of the day.  Yesterday I didn't get a photo of my outfit so I was determined to get one today!  Do you think that I should shorten the dress? I hope to wear it without tights in the spring so I can't go too short.  Also, today I wore it buttoned up all the way without a necklace for a different look.  I think it makes it more casual.  Especially with the flats.  I love kate spade dresses!


My Fall 2011 Favorites (don't worry, we will get back to spring really soon!)

all photos via WWD by Kevin Tachman

I am so in love with this collection!  I say this every time...but this is the best one yet!   The skirt length is one of the contributions made by stylist Brad Goreski.  The skirts are way too short for me at my age but maybe they will be a few inches longer in real life.

I just said to my daughter before seeing this collection that I hoped Deborah would do a plaid and POW! there it was.  I think it is reminiscent of her Burberry of London days.  The whole collection has a young vibe without alienating us "older folks."  Brad's styling was preppy-chic!  I loved that he maintained the clean-cut preppy style but gave it a chic, high fashion edge.

My favorite accessory is the hat! So cute and London-ish.  Next, is the piano keyboard clutch.  Then, the pom pom poof shoes.  There were only a few colored tights in the styling of these looks so I hope that is not going out of trend.  My favorite outfit for myself is the green dress (looks like a sleeveless very short Briella) with the teal blue cardigan.  Next would be the black loose shift with the bow at the neck and long sleeves.  I also love the last photo, a pink plaid dress with the ruby cardigan.  To see all the looks and pick your favorites, check out WWD's report of the collection.

There is a great interview on Elle with Deborah Lloyd and Brad Goreski!

Now I am off to clean out my closet and organize it to get ready for Spring... I have to have a super nice closet or I don't like my clothes and want to spend too much money buying more and more.  When everything is organized and pretty, it makes me creative and I come up with new ideas for my old cothes!



date night outfit: kate spade tutti-frutti skirt, j crew jackie cardigan, kate spade date night ring

I did a little photo test to decide which way to button my cardigan.  It looks so different on me depending on the way it is buttoned!  Amazing!  Which way do you like better: bottom, top or not buttoned?

I wore my new date night ring in red and my kate spade hot pink quinn with a Lucky brand love bracelet.  I wish I had time to paint my nails pink... oh well.  

Mark took off Friday afternoon and we went to the Houston Home and Garden Show.  We then went to eat at Beck's Prime and to a meeting at the Intercontinental Hotel by the Galleria. I was so close to the kate spade store but didn't get to visit!  It was torture! It was fun to be with my hubby and hold hands all afternoon and evening!  The date night ring is so flirty, it is perfectly named!  I can't wait to get one in pink or yellow!

I heart you!

The Winner of the Valentine Giveaway is.... Alison!

Congratulations to Alison, she was comment number 11 and the winner of a red and white stripe Katie skirt!  Yay!  Alison, please email me with your measurements and address so I can send your skirt.

To everyone who didn't win, thank you so much for entering and sharing all the wonderful ways you would wear a Katie skirt!  They were so stylish and colorful!  I have so many new styling ideas now.  Don't be too sad, you can still purchase a stripe Katie skirt for a little longer.  I have at least one of each color except yellow still available as of this morning.  Click here to visit my etsy shop .

I have some new designs coming this week so I will let you know when they are online.  I am thinking of adding a dress similar to the kate spade Jillian but with a detachable bow/belt for versatility. A dress would cost more to make and take twice as long to sew so I am not sure it is worth the effort.  I just love dresses so much so I would really like to offer at least two designs and just change the fabric with the seasons.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day!  I went out for Valentine's Friday night and last night already so instead of going out for dinner again, Mark is coming home for lunch and we are going on a picnic(if the weather allows).  I am wearing my red and white stripe Katie skirt!
Have a Colorful Day, especially red and pink!


My new kate spade dress wish-list!

I sat at breakfast this morning and showed my husband, Mark, my wishlist from katespade.com .  He didn't seem too interested in running out and buying me any of the things I wished for.  He didn't even seem too interested in even looking at them, probably because he knows that if he looks like he likes anything, I will have to run out today and buy it!  So, I thought I would show my readers who really do care, what dresses I am wishing for...

You may notice that the lovely candy shop dress is not on this list.  It is just not the right shape for me compared to these Jillian dresses and the Briella.  They are my favorite styles and are available in such cute fabrics!  I will probably just end up with one or two of these dresses but, I have a rule not to buy something on impulse so It has to be on my list.  They way to fix that is to have a BIG list! That way if any of these dresses make it to the sale section or to my outlet, I can snap it up without a second thought.  If I was going to get one today (wish, wish, wish) I would get the pink stripe jillian or the black dot jillian. I think the best thing would be to let these dresses inspire me to sew something of my own that looks just as good or possibly better! We shall see...

have a colorful day!


kate spade bedding coming to Bloomingdales this month!

photo via casa sugar

According to casasugar.com a special line of kate spade new york bedding is coming to Bloomingdales this month.  All those photos we have seen in the past are of the collection that is destined for Bed Bath and Beyond in April.  This special line pictured above is for Bloomies exclusively.  It is based on the china patterns that are currently available and has a much more elegant, formal feel than the bb&b collection.  The price tag is going to be higher and the quality also.  It is targeted to brides who will register for the bedding items along with the china.  It lacks some of the whimsy and whit of the other collection but I can see a market for it.  I love white bedding so this is right up my alley!  I will probably wait for the bb&b collection because I love the heirloom rose duvet! What do you think about this new Bloomingdales bedding?



What I wore: Silver kate spade Diane Jacket, Pink T-shirt & Jeans

I realized that this Diane jacket had not been out of the closet very much so I tried to style it with PINK for the ksny color of the month.  You might recognize one of those flowers as the one I took off of my Carnation Gail top.  I love to use it because of the fun green pop it brings to an outfit.  It is nice to be back to a Quinn bag again.  It is my favorite style and I remember why now that I put my Cyde up for a while.  It is like a little filing cabinet for all my purse junk.  Everything is so easily accessible and within hand's reach. My Nookcolor fits right in the middle pocket for safety and quick access.  I think that I will be using this bag all month for the pop of pink in every outfit.  

If you haven't signed up for the skirt giveaway, please do!  I love hearing all the different ways you are styling the red and white Katie skirt.  

Live Colorfully!

Valentine's Day Giveaway: Red and White Stripe Katie Skirt

Happy Valentine's Day!

Because I love you and you are so sweet, I am giving away a red and white stripe Katie skirt to a lucky kate spade-aholic reader on Valentine's Day 2011!

Here are the rules for the contest:

1.) No Anonymous entries please (that defeats the purpose of getting to know each other doesn't it). 

2.) To enter, simply leave a comment on this post between today, Wednesday, February 9, 2011 and Sunday, February 13 telling me how you would style your Katie skirt. A winner will be selected using random.org and will be announced On Valentines Day, February 14 on katespade-aholic.com.  The winner is responsible for contacting me within two weeks of announcement with size information and shipping address to receive your skirt.

3.) To receive an additional entry, you can link to this post on your own blog (include the url to your blog post in your comment). It is up to you to return to this post to enter your second entry after blogging about the giveaway.

4.)Post about this giveaway on Facebook for another additional entry. You must enter the link to this post in you FB status update. It is up to you to return to this post to enter your second entry after posting about the giveaway.

5.) Finally, give a tweet about this giveaway for one last e

I am so excited about this giveaway! I was inspired by all your sweet comments to my post about being depressed, so I decided to do something nice for someone else and it has really lifted my spirits!

Live Colorfully!

****the contest is now closed**** 
thanks everyone, i will do another one soon!


wearing today: kate spade H2O sweater

Today I wore my kate spade H2O sweater with my black and white stripe Katie skirt and some J Crew pearls.  I added the turquoise tights because it was chilly outside and black would have been so predictable!  I am hoping to go on a cruise in a few months so I was getting in the mood with this sweater. I wore it when we boarded on our last cruise so it helped bring back memories...
From time to time I see this sweater on Ebay so if you like it you can probably pick one up for under $100!  It is cashmere so really super cozy!

have a super duper day!


bryce's spin on the spade

If you don't follow @katespadeny on twitter, you should!  They just posted the link to this darling short video that will make you smile!


Outfit of the Day- kate spade Kimi Cardigan and black and white esti skirt

A colorful cardi can really jazz up your day! I love the ruffles on the sleeves!  Black can make you look thinner but thin isn't everything.  Colorful clothing can lift your spirits!

Look at this cute stripe kate spade CoCo Cardigan

kate spade CoCo Cardigan $245
I love this cardigan! Yay for Zappos!

Zappos has kate spade apparel!

Thank you to NezumiRyuko who let us know about the new arrivals at Zappos.com in the comments sections of this post .  It is amazing because they have things that are not yet available at katespade.com because they are probably holding them for the announcement that PINK is the color of the month.  When you look at the date night rings on zappos it is obvious that pink is the color for February and yellow is the color for March.  Lots of jewelry in pink and yellow has just arrived.  They also have this super cute pink stripe Jillian dress.

The pink Jillian dress is available in a few sizes right now on zappos.com!  I totally love it and it is in cotton!  I may have just changed my mind about getting the candy shop dress because this is PINK and my favorite style, Jillian!  I was thinking after seeing the candy shop dress on this model that it might not work on me as I am larger on top than the average gal.
I can only get one dress so I have to be choosy.  In the end, I may not even get either of these because my kate spade outlet called and they have a huge shipment of apparel that has transferred in from the boutique stores in the area.  Those low prices really get me and usually I end up spending my $$ there instead.  Check out zappos.com and see what is available!

Live colorfully,