Kate Spade New York featured on Greta Van Susteren's Show on Fox

Kate Spade New York is involved in Women for Women, helping ladies in war torn countries establish income generating business. kate spade new york public relations manager Johanna Saum talks today with Greta V. about the program. Click here to view the interview

Yellow and White Katie skirt!

I finished my yellow skirt today and tried it with a bright green cardigan and ksny daisy necklace.  I paired it with my new daisy shoes that I got from the children's shoe dept. at Target.  They are Trish of Capri and super cute!  This new fabric has a whiter white than the other stripe that I use but that makes it very cheerful and fun. It is the same weight but just a slightly different feel.  I finished the skirt in the afternoon so I decided to wear it tomorrow instead of wasting it on such a short day when I was staying home.  Hopefully I will get a better picture tomorrow.  I am going to try it with a simple black t-shirt and black sandals.  I may wear the same daisy necklace or my daisy pin. I am going shopping so it will be better to wear it tomorrow when I will actually see people.

I am going to make the new yellow color available on my katie skirt page if you are interested in this new yellow and white stripe katie.  I also have enough black and white available for 2 skirts if you have been waiting for one.  I will update the list to reflect the new colors tonight before I go to bed.

Sweet Dreams,


Living Colorfully: Pinwheel Fun!

Last spring kate spade ny used pinwheels in their ads and they were sooooo cute! 
I found some cute pinwheels in the dollar section at Target and put them in my window box.  I am going to find some new ways to live colorfully outside this spring. I will post pics as soon as I find more ways to add color to my patio and yard. Ideas?

Spring is in the air! Dance like you just don't care!

what I wore: Katie Skirt, Green Gap oxford, Yellow flower pin, kate spade Quinn

Today I was sewing a navy Katie skirt for someone and decided to wear my navy skirt for inspiration.  I love it with the green oxford shirt.  I added some yellow accents for the ksny color of the month.

Oh, I am really excited because I found a supplier for yellow and white stripe fabric for a yellow Katie Skirt!  It is almost exactly like my other stripes but a teeny-tiny bit smaller.  I am making one to put on the shopping page so you can see it.  I am excited because yellow is the color of the month and I really needed some more yellow in my wardrobe! I am going to try to finish it tomorrow and put a photo on by Wednesday.  Thanks to all my readers who have purchased skirts.  You are the best!

live Colorfully!


what I wore: kate spade esti skirt, J Crew stripe tee, kate spade galaxy swirl necklace

I had to wear something other than yellow today because I am running out of ideas...
Today I wore my kate spade esti skirt with a stripe boatneck tee from J Crew.  I was missing my Typewriter bag so I used it today.  For other accessories, I wore pearls from J Crew, kate spade red galaxy swirl necklace and a red kate spade ring.  The shoes are just some sandals from Target.

I got home from lunch to see the crazy mess that was going on about the Japan totes on katespade.com.  It is so funny to see how crazy everyone got over them!  I must confess, selling out in 15min is a little quick, seeing that there are so many more people who would have supported relief efforts just to get one of those totes.  There were some mean comments on FB if you like to read that kind of stuff (I sure spent a while reading them).  Enraged fans who wanted an $18 tote!  I wonder about the thinking on that whole thing...I wish I were a fly on the wall at ksny!  Some people even went as far as to say it was a publicity stunt and they only made a few available online.   I just think they don't realize the fans that kate spade has developed.  So many people love the brand but can't afford anything that is for sale.  When an $18 tote is available and for a good cause at that, everyone wanted one!  Some even said people were buying them to sell on ebay! Amazing! Were any of you able to snag on in the first 15 min?  Were any of you waiting patiently for the link and then missed out?  I did.  Oh well.  It was all for a good cause right?



kate spade nookcolor covers are finally available at barnesandnoble.com

I have been waiting for 3 month for my kate spade nookcolor cover and finally there are some available at barnesandnoble.com!  I hope this is not the extent of the covers, I am really looking for something fun and cheerful.  They have this nylon license plate version in (snapdragon) and black.  I think I just may wait a little longer to purchase...I have to save money for the bedding coming out soon!

Cute RUE film of the kate spade bedding! LOVE!

Make Your Bed for Rue from You + ME* & Trent Bailey Photo on Vimeo.

yellow and white paper straws- so "kate spade"!

I found several sources for yellow and white stripe paper straws.  One is can do chefs and the other is an ebay seller. For larger quantities, artfire.com has the best price.  I have decided to use these straws for everyday drinking at home so I am ordering the larger quantity.  Why use regular plastic when you can drink out of a striped paper straw?

Table decor with stripe straws inspired by kate spade new york

kate spade event with stripe straws

cute kids party with stripe straws

have a super day!


kate spade "hearts" Japan tote- $18 on katespade.com

image via refinery 29
The kate spade "hearts" Japan tote will be available for sale soon.  It is available now for pre-orders.  The entire $18 goes to the Red Cross for Japan relief.  This is a great way to reach out and help our friends in Japan and get a tote to remember this event in history.  I went through Hurricane Ike and remember how it was to have part of my roof blown off and have water everywhere.  We were all safe but will always remember the feeling of helplessness while going through that event.  I am happy to see kate spade doing something to help out even if it is small.  Hopefully if we all purchase a bag or two, they can make a real difference.

Life is Colorful if you like it or not!

the tote sold out in 15 min on  katespade.com but it is also available in stores.  I would suggest calling ahead to see if they have any at your kate spade boutique because they may sell out quickly too!

kate spade jumps on the bridal train!


I posted this photo a few weeks ago from nordstrom.com.  It is one of the first peeks at the new "Bells and Whistles " bridal collection from kate spade new york.  So many of our favorite brands have launched bridal collections lately, kate spade is following the trend beautifully.  They will focus on the events leading up to and after the wedding like rehearsal dinner, showers, going-away outfits and (of course) the honeymoon.  There will also be some wonderful bridal jewelry and more of the ever popular bridal footwear.  I hope formal wedding dresses will follow!  All this goes hand in hand with the new home collection that is launching in April and some of the beautiful stationary items such as wedding invitations that have been released and others coming soon.  A new bride needs lots of items for her new home and kate spade is ready to deliver the "kate spade lifestyle" from top to bottom!  
lourdes sandal nordstrom.com

Last year, I stumbled upon a picasa album for a kate spade employee where there were lots of pictures of an exploratory trip for a bridal collection.  She had tried on lots of dresses doing "research" for the new collection.  It was really cool to see behind the scenes of the creative process like that.  I guess at the time she didn't realize that flickr was public but those photos are no longer accessible.  I figured it would only be a little while until we saw a bridal collection from kate spade ny after that.  I almost wish I were getting married again but, I wouldn't give up my current hubby for nothin!  Not even a kate spade wedding. After 20 years of training, he is a keeper!

Have a colorful day!


what I wore: kate spade Galleria Addie Jacket

Today I wore my new Galleria Addie jacket that I got at the kate spade outlet on Friday.  I really love the color and the gold threads that sparkle in the fabric.  I had Madeline take a close up of the collar so you can see the beading.  It is so nice and pretty!  I wore my ksny bow ring,  green basket purse and green loafers.  My Houston outlet has a new very sweet manager that I met when I was there Friday.  I will miss Rosemary she was so great!  I can't wait to get to know the new manager better (wish I could remember her name,lol).  I do know that she transferred in from the San Marcos store that I visited last weekend.    Well, I have a busy week this week ahead so I better start it out right by getting some sleep...good night!


what I wore: Mercury haley skirt, yellow J Crew cardi and yellow t-shirt.

I wasn't feeling well when Maddy took this picture but I wanted to show you my new skirt.  I ordered it from katespade.com sale section on Monday.  I really love it with the yellow cardigan.  There are still a lot of them available if you want one I highly recommend it! While we were out today I picked up a galleria Addy jacket at my ksny outlet.  I am going to make a skirt to wear with it using the Haley skirt as a pattern. I am thinking of yellow silk or cream or even a nice olive green.  This is what the jacket looks like:
I must say, it looks much better in person.  The collar has beads all over in flower shapes.  It has gold thread running through it and beautiful gold buttons.  I have been looking at it for a while but today I could not say "no" any longer!

have a good day, I am going to rest and hopefully feel better.


what I wore: kate spade les fleurs necklace, white boy's oxford and black skirt

Today I was at home all day sewing so I wore a simple outfit.  I just love oxford shirts from the boy's department.  They are so comfortable and classic. I added a polka-dot ribbon for some charm.


Very fresh limited-edition artist prints from kate spade new york

Here is a great article about the artists behind the kate spade spring prints! You will want them even more after reading it!

I am really busy sewing Katie Skirts today! I have 5 new orders to get out this week...Ahhhhhhh!


what I wore: kate spade beeline cardigan, black cigarette pants and yellow stripe tee

what I wore: kate spade Giverny trench coat, white jeans, ksny basket purse

I wore my kate spade Giverny trench coat over some white jeans with my kate spade green loafers.  We were headed out to the mall to visit the Fossil store that has apparel.  My daughter just loves the clothes they have and wanted to see them in person.  I switched to my basket purse because I was inspired by my Kate Spade Barbie to wear this outfit and she carries the basket.

it was a rainy day so the floral trench added a layer and brightened the gloomy day a little.  It was a fun outfit but I did stand out a little bit amongst the grey and denim world at the mall!  Spread the Sunshine!


A Girl in Boston: Accents of Pink

This gal has a really cute outfit on! I linked to her post on her A Girl in Boston blog.

Anna Kendrick and Bryce Dallas Howard Attend Kate Spade Luncheon

Check this out!


20% off at katespade.com on facebook

via being audery by margaret cardillo illustrated by julia dnos
It pays to follow!  Today on facebook kate spade new york announced a 20% off coupon code on one single full priced item (thankyoufb20).  If you are not keeping track of all the goings-on via facebook and twitter, you should start today!  What are you going to buy??????

It is a lovely rainy monday today here in Houston.  No bike riding for me, I am going shopping at the mall!


what I wore on my wonderful weekend in San Antonio: kate spade of course!

On the way to San Antonio we stopped at the huge outlet mall and visited the ksny store.  I wore my Elyse floral dress and Kimi Cardigan both by kate spade new york.  Surprisingly, I didn't buy anything at the outlet because they had all the same things as mine at home.
The next day we went to some lovely shops in San Antonio called The Shops at La Cantera and visited the riverwalk.  I wore one of my Katie skirts with a jackie cardigan.  I got so many compliments on the skirt is was starting to be funny.  My husband wants me to give out business cards to everyone who likes it, he is such a businessman.  I just loved chatting with them about how fun stripes are!
Today we just hung around the riverwalk, visited the alamo and ate yummy mexican food.  I wore my kate spade stripe knit dress with a jean jacket.  It was comfortable and great for traveling home 3 hours.  For some glitz I added the disco bracelet and lady marmalade ring.  I layered some flower pins on the jacket too!

Hope you had a super weekend too!


Love the color yellow and the new kate spade website!




These are my wishlist choices from the new website products (notice it is small, but only because I am trying to restrain myself)!  I really love the yellow jacket the most and may have to get that one first!  I wish there were a kate spade store in San Antonio where we are going tomorrow!  I would love to try some of these on. The new bags are great but I am not a purse-girl so, I don't have to have any of them except maybe the orange slice bag.  I know my friend Ann from katespadeloveaffair will love all the new bags!

 I almost forgot to shop on the website because I went to the "PLAY" section first.  I was having fun looking at all the new things and then I remembered that there were new products too!  lol!   Run don't walk over to the new site to check it out!  Come back here and report what you think.  Did you like it, did everything work for you?  I found that the tumblr link didn't work for me and I couldn't save pictures of the products like before.  Did you like the navigation?  I found that it was pretty simple but the scrolling on the "play" section was a little difficult for me with my netbook.  I couldn't see the whole page.  Also, my bookmark didn't work so I have to make a new one for the katespade.com site.

Have fun checking out the new stuff!
Don't forget to come back here and tell us what you think!!!


what I wore: kate spade esti skirt with yellow cardi from Target and Galaxy swirl necklace

Today I was feeling the need for an Esti skirt.  I thought I would wear the black and cream but then I noticed how nicely the yellow cardigan paired with the navy.  I loaded on the jewelry with a galaxy swirl necklace, lady marmalade ring and the red crystal confection ring.  What do you think of the yellow nail polish?  It is Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Lightening (250). I am still carrying the yellow quinn for lack of a better yellow bag.

Mark and I are going away for our 20th anniv. to San Antonio on Thursday. I am planning yellow outfits for both of us just for fun!  I will probably wear my white jeans at least once.  I think they would look great with the sweater I wore today with a navy tank or my yellow and white stripe tee from Old Navy.  I might try them with my silver Diane jacket with the short sleeves for going out.  We are spending one night in San Marcos at the huge outlet mall!  I am going to spend my whole anniversary allowance at the kate spade outlet there!  I hope they have lots of good clothes because that I what I love the most.  I do need some yellow sandals and some new earrings though.  I am getting very excited about actually going somewhere for once!  YAY!

Live Colorfully,

kate spade celebrates international women's day

kate spade is celebrating International Women's Day today! Check out their new Women for Women partners: rwanda women for women at kate spade
The new products are really great!
kate spade raffia tote via-katespade.com



NEW! kate spade Elenore dress on Nordstrom.com

I found this awesome Elinore dress on nordstrom.com today! It is the same dress that was in green and black for holiday 2009.  This would be lovely for a bride or as an Easter dress.  I have seen the bottom layer removed so it is shorter and more flirty.  I just love the raw hem and fringe.  It is such a fun way to make a formal dress more fun and unique.

have a colorful day!


what I wore: kate spade Sandie Jacket, yellow t-shirt, dark skinny jeans

Today I did some shopping and eating!  I went to Ross, TJ Maxx and Target with my daughter and then to Chili's for lunch.  I found the yellow sweater I was looking for at Target and a cute navy and white stripe cotton gauze scarf.  I also got the most comfy pair of jean shorts from Ross.  TJ maxx has some great kate spade shoes right now, but none in my size.  boo hoo!  I tried out this really bright t shirt from Target today with my kate spade Sandie jacket and jeans.  After seeing the photos, I ended up changing right before I left into a black cardi to tone down the major yellow attack around my middle!  It looked much better.  The t-shirt looks great with my new yellow cardigan, almost like a sweater set!  I am glad about that.  I also bought some yellow nail polish, I hope it looks okay...

I am planning a yellow capsule video soon, I haven't had a second to do anything with the puppy around!  All my puppy-free time is spent making Katie skirts!  I am still working on Alison's red stripe giveaway skirt, maybe I will finish tomorrow!  Hope so.

Have a colorful weekend friends!


Kate Spade's Three-Story-Tall Bryce Dallas Howard Towers Over Soho - Billboards - Racked NY

Kate Spade's Three-Story-Tall Bryce Dallas Howard Towers Over Soho - Billboards - Racked NY
I wish this were on a billboard in Houston.  It would make the city so much prettier!

what I wore: kate spade Beeline Cardigan, Yellow Target dress

I decided to wear my beeline cardigan with the yellow dress from Target.  I really like the way it tones down the yellow a little bit.  I had a great lunch with my friend and did some shopping.  I am sad that the yellow cardigan that I wanted to buy is sold out in my size at Target.  I am going to have to do a Target blitz, going from store to store to find the cardigan because now I MUST have it!  I did find a yellow t-shirt in the girls department that I am going to wear tomorrow.  I am going to hit the stores early in the morning to try to find that cardigan!

have a super day!


what I wore: kate spade Sandyn top, black side-zipped capris

Today was a walk the dog and eat Mexican food at Lupe Tortilla kind of day.  I wore my kate spade Sandyn top and some black capris with my Lucky daisy ring and earrings.  I carried my yellow Quinn to keep the yellow theme going and bring out the yellow centers of the daises. I am going really casual lately because I am spending lots of time outside with my puppy enjoying the 70+ degree weather. Tomorrow I am going shopping with a friend so I will be a little dressier.  I am planning on wearing a yellow dress that I got from Target that Emma Pillsbury was seen wearing on Glee. It is really fun and bright.  I am deciding what color cardigan to wear with it.  Emma wore a yellow one.
via: wwepw
see you tomorrow, I am headed to Panera for dinner with my sweetie!


what I wore: kate spade Soda Fountain Stripe Jillian dress, JCrew yellow cardigan

Today I wore my kate spade Soda Fountain Stripe Jillian dress with a bright yellow J Crew cardigan.  I carried my Yellow Quinn and wore my ksny daisy bib necklace and ksny bow ring.  Somehow I got out of the house with my ksny lime flip flops on...that puppy makes it hard to keep it together.  Crazy! I get so distracted with all the attention she requires. I didn't even have earrings on! I did enjoy the Ihop pancakes, Carbs taste sooo good!
Live Colorfully!

I jumped the pink ship!

Okay, I love pink but I just can't take another day of it.  It is March 1st and kate spade launched more pink today!  I don't know what kind of marketing technique they are using but it is bugging me!  You can't have a color of the month in the middle of the month.  I think there would be much more excitement about it if they would stick to the calendar.  People are asking what the color is on twitter and facebook and wanting to switch from pink but where is kate spade new york?  They are living in another world, (a pink one.)  Aren't they the ones who started this color of the month thing anyway? Well, I am moving on, jumping off the pink ship and onto the yellow one!  I just love yellow.  I have yellow all over my house and in my closet.

I am waiting for this jacket!!!!

I have my white jeans ready and waiting for this jacket to be available for sale so I can complete my dream yellow outfit!  While I am waiting, I will run out and get a yellow t shirt to wear just for fun...the girls department at Target never lets me down!  They always have those bright colors I love!  I am wearing an outfit with a yellow cardi today but haven't taken a picture yet.  I will post it later today or tomorrow.  It is national pancake day today and Ihop is having free pancakes so we are going there for a late lunch.  My son, Harrison loves free things and he loves pancakes so today is his favorite day!


If kate spade made a bike...this would be it!

I was looking at the latest issue of matchbook magazine online and saw this cruiser bike.  It is the cutest bike I have ever seen (except for my bubble gum pink one!) If kate spade designed a bicycle, this would be it! It comes in red and pink also but this one is the cutest with the green and the red picnic gingham print.  Even the tires have green rims!  You can get one for yourself at schwinn retailers online or in your hometown. 

*update* now kate spade has their own bike available at adelineadeline.com read what kate spade-aholic wrote about it here .  It is green just like this one but simple and classic without the gingham.