Inside look at kate spade new york design process


This video is of a presentation on In House designers by several AIGA designers in NYC.  Two of the presenters are from ksny, Debs Camplin and Theresa Canning Zast.  They share how last fall's campaign came about and some of the design philosophy of ksny.  If you are at all interested in design, you will love this presentation.  The entire thing  is great but if you would like to skip to the kate spade gals, they start around 22:30. ENJOY!


kate spade petticoat adds fun to your wardrobe!

kate spade gigi tulle underskirt $195

I just noticed these on katespade.com today! I mentioned yesterday in my post that petticoats are coming back in style and these are so stylish!  I ordered mine from Amazon.com for $18 but I may need to get the hot pink one from kate spade!  Amazon has red, light pink, white and black here.  If you search for knee length petticoat on ebay, you can find them in EVERY color for under $35.  I was going  for cheap with something like that because it is under everything and people only see the bottom if it peeks out.  I was thinking of making a skirt that would work with the petticoat because it needs to be pretty full and shorter than 20" so you can see the petticoat.  I wore it with my vintage 1950's dress on Sunday to church but you didn't see the petticoat, it was just adding fullness to the dress.  Things like this are so much fun because they add something to your wardrobe that makes it just a little more special.
Have a super day!


Bryce D. Howard looks stunning in @katespadeny fall photo!

Our redheaded beauty is back and more charming than ever! I love the black and garnet color combo! Thanks to Cricket for the scoop on the new pic via twitter!  I saw some behind the scenes photos of this photo shoot and we are in for a treat this fall!  I love the long gloves, square heels and lots of layers!  Petticoats are coming back too!  I purchased one from Amazon.com from the "costume" section but it looks great!  It was too full but I cut off the top layer and now it is perfect! I am going to design a skirt to wear it with now(well, eventually).
Have a great day!


Two new arrivals on katespade.com that I totally love!

First, I have to say that I love love this skirt! It is the new leopard Lilith ($355) from kate spade.
kate spade leopard Lilith skirt $355

And, I promise I did not copy it with my leopard Katie skirt!  I couldn't believe it when I saw it!  I am so excited that I was thinking on the same lines as the kate spade designers!!! Amazing! I wish my waist was a tiny as that kate spade model's waist!  Oh wait, then I wouldn't get to eat that yummy cake I ate yesterday, and the chips, and the m&m's and....

Sandee Royalty Katie skirt $70
just email me if you want to order and I will send you a paypal invoice, I don't have this one up on the site yet.
Sandra Sweater Dress $355
This super cute sweater dress has my name!!! I am so excited about that too!  I just love the way the stripe is only along the bottom.  I am going to make my own dress inspired by this dress because I could never wear it in houston.  It is wool sweater knit.  YUCK!  I usually have to wear cotton all year long here in the hot land.  

Sale section is loaded with bargains on katespade.com if you are in need of a pick-me-up!  I thought of buying a bag or dress or skirt... I am just in a buying slump.  I can't seem to pull the trigger on anything. My outlet is going to be down for remodeling at the end of August so maybe they will have some sales before they shut down.  I may need to visit them on Friday.  I am just trying to wear all the clothes and jewelry, purses and shoes that I already own.  It is quite a feat to be responsible for what you have, keeping it nice and not let it sit in the closet too long before you wear it. It is also hard to do that when it is a crazy 100 degrees outside!  I will press on!



Charming little video of photo shoot for the Pre-fall Katie Skirts made by my teenage daughter Madeline

On the fourth of July, we were really bored and decided to do a photo shoot for the new Katie skirts and to make a little video of our fun.  It was so fun to play around with my daughter Madeline (14).  She took our footage and made this charming video.  She also wrote and played the little song in the background.  I think she should go into this for a career because if she can direct, produce and create this film using whatever free little program came with her computer, she could really do some great stuff with the right equipment!
Isn't she sooo cute in the Katie skirts? I look silly, but I had fun! You will notice lots of kate spade jewelry and stuff that we wore with the skirts in the video.  It was nice to have my closet to style from!
Have a great day!


what I wore: kate spade tutti frutti skirt, J crew jackie cardigan and a superman t shirt

I was totally and absolutely influenced by my teenage daughter with this outfit!  It sure is living colorfully!  Madeline has been wearing fun tees with her skirts so I decided to break out of the boring white and black tee for a fun Friday look.  I think I might do this again because it sure was different than the norm for me.  I have never lived by the "act your age" advice so why start now!  I was only going to target and goodwill with a stop at Home Depot for some front flowerbed color.  It was so hot out there!  I bought the plants but am waiting until dark to put them in the ground.
have a "super" weekend!

kate spade launching Make-up line! Supercalifragilipstick!

photo via Refinery 29 via kate spade

I have loved the twirl lipstick and am so glad to announce that kate spade will be launching a collection of colorful lipsticks in pinks and reds beginning in September.  They are calling them Supercalifragilipsticks! Now it will be simple for everyone to "lip- colorfully" har-har-har! The colorful lipsticks have been reported to be at a $24 price point and produced by the Australian make-up company Poppy King .  

read this article on Refinery 29 for more info:

Remember to "lip-colorfully"


Two new kate spade dresses for my wish list!

floral Wynne dress $495

ruffle Lucille dress $395
Both of these dresses would look great in my closet.  It has been several weeks (2 i think) since I have purchased something from ksny.  This weekend I must make up for lost time and buy something.  The problem is I am still paying my hubby back for previous purchases...Oh well.  I should get that payed off soon and start saving up for fall.  I am building my fall wardrobe around the Clyde typewriter bag in red, black and cream.  I hope to keep to those colors mostly for the months of September and October.  I may change my mind when I see the colors of the month coming up. August is blue!!!!
have a great, great day!


what I wore: new leopard Katie skirt and boat neck tee

I posted this pic on twitter yesterday and forgot to put it on the blog so here it is!  It is the new Leopard Katie skirt.  I wore it with my leopard sandals from Trish of Capri for target.  I added a bow belt and layered necklace to complete the look.  Pardon the weird instagram photo but I was goofing around with it and that is the only one that got saved.  I am enjoying the kate spade colors of the month!  My whole house is black and white so I match my house!
Have a super duper day friends!


what I wore: Black and white Milly dress with pops of green and kate spade Nell glitter bow flats

Today to church I wore my Milly dress in Black, green and cream.  I also wore my glitter Nell bow flats by kate spade  new york.  I added a huge cream flower on my black cardigan instead of a necklace and wore my fossil charm bracelet and a green kate spade ring.  I am trying out instagram for my photos because they are so fun and cool looking.  I like it because It isn't so detailed and crisp as to show all my imperfections...lol.

Back to sewing this afternoon.  I am making a yellow Katie skirt for someone today.  I hope I can finish and ship it out tomorrow because I have 7 left to make this week.  That means no shopping or eating out with friends until they are done.  Booo!  I made myself a new one last night out of black and white leopard fabric.  I am wearing it tomorrow so you can see it.

have a great day!


My Fair Lady does Black and White in style!

This Ascot scene is one of my all time favorites!  I adore the black and white combos and the over the top style!

what I wore: kate spade starlight Dinah jacket, black side zip pencil capris, kate spade basket purse

Today I had to take Duchess in to the Nissan dealership for a new windshield (darn rocks). I decided to wear my sparkly Dinah jacket to give my day a boost.  I love this jacket for year-round wearing because I can wear it with a tank in the summer or long sleeve tee in the winter.
The repair took so long, I ended up having lunch at Panda Express with my hubby so I am glad I looked cute today!


inaluxe at Kate Spade

Here is a link to an article about the next set of prints at kate spade.
inaluxe at Kate Spade: "Hot off the press - here is the limited edition inaluxe print we did for Kate Spade as part of the Artists Portfolio of Prints, and the Yea..."


kate spade colors of the month are Black and White!

At first glance, these are my picks!
I love this cute bag!

Go check it out NOW!  There are some fun black and white things that you can mix with the other colors in your wardrobe.  I am adding a black and white polka dot katie skirt for sale next week for those of you who have been asking for polka dots (that is you Ann!)  I am excited to show you how cute it is, especially now with the black and white theme this month! Oh, and the pride and prejudice book clutch is out too! YAY!

have a super day!